Altiora Chronicles: The Content

I may have briefly touched on what this blog will contain in my first post. But now I’d like to elaborate, just so you know and can decide now that you probably don’t want to read this.

I will probably talk about sports a lot. Not necessarily analysis or interesting and legitimate discussion, but instead I will talk about my feelings on teams (mostly just ones that I care about), issues, my opinions about certain sports events, and other miscellaneous sports-related things.

I will also talk about things that happen in my day-to-day life. This will probably be the least entertaining thing of all time. But, maybe if my life is funny, people will enjoy it. Tucker Max talks about things he does and people think it’s hysterical. Atlas Jobinson writes about meaningless events in his life, but the guys from To Play Us Out are pretty funny. Maybe you’ll enjoy what happens to me. This will include things that piss me off, make me laugh, or that I just feel like talking about.

I’ll probably throw a bunch of links on here to try and get people to keep checking back without me having to do any significant work, thinking, or typing. And I will reference other smarter, more important people quite often.

This should probably cover much of what readers will see when reading the Altiora Chronicles, but there is always the possibility for stuff that I haven’t mentioned. I will also go off onto plenty of tangents and stretch out simple thoughts into multiple sentences and maybe even paragraphs about those topics.

Here’s hoping you enjoy…


~ by nchaney3 on September 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Altiora Chronicles: The Content”

  1. Pretty funny?? Try hilarious. No but seriously we suck. Please never list me next to Tucker Max again — it’s embarrassing on a multitude of levels.

    But I like the blog. We like the same teams. If I weren’t an arrogant prick who read nothing but my own work, I would read this blog. Unfortunately, I am in fact a huge douchebag. Question: what does Altiora mean?

  2. […] you who think I just wasted a minute or so of your life, I apologize. But, as I said way back in my second post, I talk about stupid stuff in my life that probably no one else cares […]

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