Blogging, to me

Let me preface this entire blogging process by saying that I do not expect more than 25 people to ever read this blog (and I feel that number may be too high to begin with). I realize that most all of my thoughts have no legitimate meaning to anyone outside of myself and maybe a few close friends of mine. And even then, that’s only in choice situations. I don’t expect people to agree with me, let alone take the time to actually read what I have to say. In fact, I think that is the foremost problem with blogs everywhere – they think they’re important.

In general, I feel that most blogs and bloggers are completely useless and merely clog any searches I try and use to find legitimate information on something. I think that blogging is completely ego-driven – honestly, the idea of a blog begins with someone assuming that other people actually care enough about their thoughts to read everything they have to say. In my mind, blogs are places for arrogant people to try and get other people to agree with them and make them feel more significant.

I do not feel like my thoughts are important and I sure don’t think that anyone else should feel that way. But, if I can entertain someone, get someone to think, or even gain a legitimate readership, that’d be cool. Overall, this blog is probably something only a few of my friends will read, and even they won’t enjoy it. This is more for my own amusement when I’m not actually doing any of the schoolwork that I should be taking more seriously.

But, as Captain John Ploehs once told me, “It’s just a grade, man. It doesn’t tell you what you learned.” And that is how I now aim to live my life.

Altiora. Carpe Diem


~ by nchaney3 on September 16, 2009.

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