College Gameday sucks.

Hey, ESPN. What the fuck is wrong with you? Gameday in Austin this weekend? Really? I’m so pissed I just rattled off three interrogative statements consecutively. But seriously…can anyone justify how the Texas/Texas Tech game is the Gameday location instead of Blacksburg? Virginia Tech vs. Nebraska is the only game of the weekend featuring two ranked opponents. #18 Nebraska pays a visit to #14 Va. Tech, and Gameday thinks that the second-ranked Longhorns playing the unranked Red Raiders is more important. Doubt it.

While I’m on this rant, let me say that Gameday is already wildly overrated and pretty effing stupid. They worship big-name programs and give them way too much credit, whether they deserve it or not. People love Lee Corso because he talks louder than the other hosts and wears costumes at the end of every show. Halloween was cute when you were a kid, cool when you were in college, but it’s sad when you’re an old man. And potentially dangerous. Hell, he almost killed Kirk and Chris last year in Lubbock when he picked Tech to win and wielded the Red Raider pistols.

Act your age, Lee Corso.

Act your age, Lee Corso.

That game, unlike this year’s matchup, was not only set to be a classic (and turned out to be a classic), but it was also between two top-10 teams. Two ranked teams. Apparently, ESPN couldn’t give a shit less about the quality of the game. This isn’t 2008 anymore. Texas Tech is going to get spanked. Just because it’s Austin doesn’t mean it’s good. Get off UT’s nuts.

So, on behalf of football fans everywhere, I say thanks for making a potentially memorable Gameday experience shitty. And, on behalf of me, thanks for costing me a Reese Cup Concrete at Andy’s. I hate you, College Gameday.


~ by nchaney3 on September 18, 2009.

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