People piss me off.

I have an almost endless list of pet peeves. I am very easily annoyed by very simple things. For example, I hate when people carry their two-strap backpack on one shoulder – that was cool back in 5th grade (kind of) and it is just economically silly (don’t buy two straps and only use one).
Another example is my distaste for people leaving the salt and pepper shakers out of place on a table at a restaurant – put things back where they belong.
I also hate when people refer to their favorite professional sports team as “we” (especially when they aren’t even from that city) – honestly, what position do you play?
I can’t stand slow golfers, especially when they don’t let me play through – learn the game on your own time, don’t waste mine.
Slow-moving people in general just piss me off – if you don’t have somewhere to go, don’t slow me down just because I have a purpose in my life.
I also hate people who walk slower than me in front of me. I feel that my walking faster should show you that I have somewhere to be. It’s just rude to stay in front of me and walk at your own pace. For all you know, it could be a matter of life and death, but you are too self-absorbed to care. It especially pisses me off when people walk slow when they’re doing something else (i.e. texting, talking on phone, etc.). Learn to multitask, you moron.

Those are just a few examples of things that piss me off. However, in the last few days, I have sat in several classes and just wanted to knock out a lot of my classmates. Well, not a lot. But I do want to knock out some of them…a lot. Because I don’t have a ton of time (aka I need to finish the first three seasons of Dexter by Sunday and I want to go to sleep soon), I will give a few quick examples.

First, in my political science there is this major bitch that thinks her shit doesn’t stink. Whenever my professor (who, for confidentiality, will be referred to as Professor Trumpeter) opens the lecture up to discussion, this dumb hoe feels like she has to open her mouth. Most (and by “most,” I mean everyone but her) students raise their hands and listen respectfully to other students before they speak. This pretentious skank feels like she has the right to speak whenever she wants over whomever she wants and that her opinion is more substantial than anyone else’s. Every single time the bitch opens her pie hole, she has to speak the loudest and the longest. Even if her statement is no more than seven words, she makes sure she pauses and stretches out the words so that she can get as much attention as possible. The other day – Professor Trumpeter’s birthday, no less! – she had the balls to not only shout and interrupt Professor Trumpeter, but to cut him off to tell him he was wrong. He was stating his opinion on an issue that had no right or wrong answer. Then the bitch got up and left the room after being silenced. I hate some people.

In my current broadcast class, there’s this old guy who thinks he’s smart. I have nothing against “grown-ups” returning to school, but don’t return and act better than me. Even if you are, no one here cares. The thing about this guy that really pisses me off is that he always has to interject during every single class, whether questions/comments are merited or not. Generally, he avoids questions as much as possible. Instead, he opts to give the teacher his opinion or things that help him. Hey, asshole, the teacher is there to teach you. Not vise versa. And I couldn’t give a shit about your opinion unless I’m learning to be an arrogant prick, which I’m not. I’m sure the professor would appreciate hearing about what can help, but the fact that you need to do it at inappropriate times and that you try to seem smarter than all the 20-year-olds in your class makes you look like an even bigger douche bag than you already are.

Lastly, let me discuss the thing that sparked my current rant. Laptops in certain classes piss me off more than ever. Same with cell phones. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t get through a few classes without my laptop there to amuse me. I read a lot of stuff and do a good amount of my writing during those lectures. The thing that pisses me off is the few girls (in my experience, it is always girls) who think they’re too good for class policies in the smaller classes. My religious studies teacher (hereafter referred to as Billy Badass) hates computers and has a rule that students not use them during class. Professor Badass is a very unorthodox professor. He does his fair share of lecturing, but he leaves a lot of talk in the class to the five discussion groups he assigned. He lets us do a lot of things on our own and trusts the students to have focused discussion based on the topics he mentions. However, some of the girls in the class find this time to be better for opening their computers and texting on their phones, completely ignoring conversation. Over the past week, one especially self-righteous bitch has decided that she will just do it during Billy Badass’s lectures. Granted, this is a class of 25 people. And this bitch sits right in front of Professor Badass – with the computer screen turned toward him! What a disrespectful and pompous hoe. Nothing annoys me more than blatant disrespect and the arrogance to think it’s okay. But this strumpet blatantly disrespects Billy Badass and everyone in class, as well as cementing herself as a self-absorbed slutbag.

So that’s a few examples of what pisses me off in general, as well as some specific things that have made me feel almost homicidal so far this semester. I hate people. Luckily, I like myself.


~ by nchaney3 on September 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “People piss me off.”

  1. I appreciated the bit about slow walkers. If there’s one group of people who need to be repeatedly kicked in the cunt, it’s them.

  2. was that older gentlemen in your broadcasting class named brady laber by any chance?

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