Dump time

Not a lot to say today. That Pittsburgh piece took a lot out of me. Luckily, I have some good stuff to throw up here so that people might keep a mild interest in what I have to say.

For starters, I got “Rick Roll’d” the other day. It was totally worth it because I knew it was coming and it was wildly creative. Nothing wrong with taking something annoying and being innovative with it. So kudos to you, thriftshopxl. You have impressed me.

I had seen this video already, but my brother brought some new light to it. Oh Tiger. You’re a stud. And the bit about the assistant coach there is so true.

My roommates Swan, Little Guy and Fauxhawk showed me a wonderful new site. I love bros so much. Swan is pretty bro. Even more bro than Little Guy – and that’s saying something. But some bros just take the cake. And it is hilarious.

Swan is more bro than this? Hard to believe, but yes.

Swan is more bro than this? Hard to believe, but yes.

I hate Miley Cyrus so much. She’s a little country bumpkin with little to no talent. Yet she – just like every other Disney star for some reason – has become a beloved pop star. Her “Party in the USA” is absolutely miserable to listen to. Swan loves it…but he’s kind of a douche. Luckily, some guys have made it more bearable for me. If you don’t at least chuckle at this, you have no sense of humor.

Speaking of things I hate, how about the kU basketball and football teams? Apparently the basketball team is struggling to handle the football team’s newfound campus glory. Now that they’re considered “good,” I guess the basketball guys are getting a little less poon. Sherron Collins said it was a few individuals letting their egos get in the way. For the basketball team’s sake, I hope so. Because the football team has way more people. But the Gayhawks are dumb enough that I wouldn’t be shocked by a team-on-team rumble. This entire story is definitely good for a laugh.

The FedEx Cup is wrapping up after the TOUR Championship got underway today. Tiger looked pretty solid. Second place at -3. One shot behind Sean O’Hair. And Sean O’Hair got putting tips from Tiger before the round. No wonder he’s winning. So, with Tiger playing well, I guess that basically eliminates John Senden. He needed Eldrick to finish in 30th to have a chance to win the FedEx Cup. I am liking what golf is trying to do with this, but it definitely needs some work. The New York Times talked about all the possibilities, but I think it’s a little silly. You get thousands of points for a win in golf? Doesn’t make much sense.

And thanks for the class, Kings Island. You make my hometown look terrible.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Happy Weekend. Be sure to catch Mizzou tomorrow night on ESPN. Go Tigers.


~ by nchaney3 on September 24, 2009.

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