Effing papers

I have been working on my PoliSci paper all week, so not a lot to write about at this point. BUT…

The Tour Championship and PGA season finished this weekend. Phil looked impressive in his win, but Tiger took home the FedEx Cup and $10 million. Phil seemed slightly bitter about that. You don’t say that in your interview if you “have no problem with that.” Either say what you mean or don’t say anything at all, Phil. He’s a great player, but I just cannot understand the amount of love he always gets.

Elder jumped up a bit in the Rivals national rankings. #2 in the nation ain’t half bad. Even though St. X was ahead of them in the state polls the last few weeks. Panthers have a short week after Saturday’s win against St. Ed’s. And they have to play at X. Should be a doozy. We’ll see who’s better, I guess. And I miss the GCL cheer.

The Fastest Man in the World paid a visit to Bristol this week. Usain Bolt visited the ESPN headquarters and even ran a little race during his stay. The guy’s a great interview, too. The only problem I had was John Anderson’s 100-meter dash. I expected better of a Mizzou alum, especially considering he was track captain senior year. But that’s neither here nor there. Usain Bolt jogged and beat everyone.

And it’s exciting to know the BCS in on its way to another disaster. Teams go from unranked to 13th (Iowa) and from top 10 to almost out (Cal). Miami looked good by beating a ranked team that proved nothing (Florida St.), except for one win over another team that is apparently no good anymore (BYU). I like the bit in the article about the computers doing what people tell them. That’s what they do. Preseason rankings are the biggest sham and are a huge problem in college football, especially with the system in place. If the BCS stays, then I agree with Dan Wetzel – get an NCAA committe together like basketball. It would be their job to know everything about every eligible team. That’s better than the coaches and writers who vote without knowing anything. I’ll like the BCS if they put the Bearcats in, though. But they need to win out to have a shot.

And how about the coolest TD celebration ever?! Generous of Chad and awesome for Andre Caldwell. I like the Bengals more and more each day. Writers do, too, apparently. Check out the latest power rankings (legit this time).

WhoDey. Altiora.


~ by nchaney3 on September 30, 2009.

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