Exhale, Bearcats, Hodge podge

How ’bout them Bengals? Even when they beat the Packers by 10 in week two, it didn’t seem like it was over until the final minute. Last-second loss to the Broncos (who are in discussion with some of the NFL’s best – thanks to a soft schedule and good defense), last-second win over Pittsburgh, and now, this. I said all week that I had a terrible feeling about this game. Not surprisingly, I was right.
As much as I hate these finishes, it shows me some good things. For example, this team is clutch. Perfect on fourth downs on Sunday, including Carson’s longest career rush on fourth-and-11 (or 10, depending on your source). Huge in late-game situations. Defense even stepped up when they needed to on the Brownies’ last drive and in overtime. And two defensive TDs the last two weeks. Huge.
I worry, too. If this team was really different than the Bengals of my lifetime, they would have crushed the Browns, especially after jumping out to a 14-0 lead. You have to step on the throat. Instead, they give up 20 unanswered and need 14:56 of overtime to win it. People in Cincinnati know who Brad St. Louis is. No one should know the name of your long snapper, but Bengals fans do. And this team is still the Bengals. It’s like I told my buddy Difibulator. Most people would think after a touchdown makes it 20-20 that the game is over. As a Bengals fan, all I could think was “Gosh I hope they don’t blow the PAT.” And they did.
I mean, come on. It’s Cleveland…

I guess Braylon Edwards was upset after losing and not recording a catch. And who could blame him? He’s apparently angry and jealous of BronBron up in Cleveland.
We will learn more about this team come Sunday when they head to Baltimore to decide first place in the AFC North. My early prediction: 23-10 Ravens. Their too balanced and the WhoDeys have been anything but consistent. As I said before, though, I am cautiously optimistic.

It’s about time. Cincinnati is ahead of Ohio State in the polls (and Mizzou is finally into the AP poll). I LOVE it. Not just because I hate OSU, but because they are better. Tony Pike still threw two TDs against Miami when they were dropping seven and eight defenders into coverage. And Jacob Ramsey and the Bearcats running game looked great. 103 yards and three touchdowns. I love it. It’s still a long shot because the Big East gets no respect, but I think this team legitimately has a shot to do something special. Best football team in Ohio right now.

I just found a masterpiece from 3/5’s at To Play Us Out. It’s such outlandish logic, but it works.

Big night tonight on MNF…or so we’ve been told. I hope Aaron Rodgers goes for 400+ yards and four TDs and the Pack just wipes the ground with Brett Favre and the Vikings. I love AP, but can’t stand #4. That being said, I love that he’s been such a douche for the past two years…I think it helped Packers fans realize Aaron Rodgers isn’t bad. Everyone is so flipping excited…

Brett Favre (and ESPN) is horny about MNF tonight!

Brett Favre (and ESPN) is horny about MNF tonight!

My prediction: Packers win, 34-24.

Here’s hoping Eli is okay. He’s a player and the NFL needs him.
Thursday night on ESPN – Mizzou vs. Nebraska at the Zou. Tune in. Cheer for the Tigers. Look for me on TV.
That’s all for now.



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One Response to “Exhale, Bearcats, Hodge podge”

  1. I’d be worried about tackling Brett w/ that pointy thing swinging right at me.
    Love, Brian

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