My (probably wrong) MLB playoff projections

I’m not going to act like I know anything about Major League Baseball. I know very little. To be honest, baseball kind of bores me. But I’m still going to make my predictions about the playoffs so I can brag about anything I get correct. Mo Egger likes a Yankees/Cardinals World Series. I don’t.
So…here goes nothing.

ALDS – Twins vs. Yankees
Yankees are too good and the Twins are going to be physically and emotionally drained.
NYY 3-1

ALDS – Red Sox vs. Angels
Red Sox are good, but the Angels are loaded and underrated. Throw in the touching “playing for Nick Adenhart” story, and I’m liking LA.
LAA 3-2

ALCS – Angels vs. Yankees
The Yankees are more loaded than anyone in baseball (monetarily and talent-wise), but they can always find a way to not live up to expectations. The Angels are due.
LAA 4-2

NLDS – Rockies vs. Phillies
The Rockies are better than they were whenever they ran off a million wins to make the playoffs a few years back. But the Phillies are better. I’ll take Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee to win their games and the offense to do enough to get one more.
PHI 3-0

NLDS – Cardinals vs. Dodgers
The Cardinals are good, but I hate them. The Dodgers have been the NL’s best virtually all year. This one could go either way, so I’ll let my bias decide.
LAD 3-2

NLCS – Dodgers vs. Phillies
The Los Angeles World Series seems extremely annoying to me, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it. Unfortunately for that storyline, I like Philly’s pitching to go with Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley. And the Dodgers won’t like the cold weather.
PHI 4-2

Phillies vs. Angels
The Angels are the better team. No doubt about it. But will there be snow in the forecast again for a warm-weather team when they go to Philadelphia? I don’t care. I’ll take the Rally Monkey for the championship in seven (even though seven-game series only happen in the NHL).
LAA – 4-3

So there you have it. Go place your bets and I will accept a cut of your winnings.


~ by nchaney3 on October 7, 2009.

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