Everybody’s working for the weekend.

– Good stuff for local teams here – the all-time college basketball rankings.
I hate UK, but I respect the program. I don’t know if I’d throw them ahead of UCLA, but I’d have to say they are equally deserving of the top ranking. Then IU at #5, a spot they definitely deserve. I love seeing the Bearcats coming in at 17th. I can’t wait until Mick Cronin gets the ‘Cats back into the national spotlight. And it’s not all that far off. The Dayton Flyers surprised me in the top 50 at #48. It was a pleasant surprise, though. And, even though I don’t like ’em all that much, good for Xavier at 59th. The tri-state is representing. And I’m loving it.

Kenyon and Co. kept the Cats more than relevant in the late 90s.

Kenyon and Co. kept the 'Cats more than relevant in the late '90s.

One of the world’s most famous anonymous filmmakers has been arrested. The FBI tracked down the guy who made the creepy Erin Andrews peep videos and have him in custody. How did this guy ever get away with it? He wasn’t even discreet. Checks into the hotel under his real name and specifically requests the room next to Andrews. He should be arrested, but situations like this make me wish people could get arrested for ignorance. What were the hotel workers thinking?

First Take’s Jay Crawford interviewed Tony Pike this week. Not every day you see an ESPN show interviewing someone from the Cincinnati football team. It’s freaking awesome. BK and the boys have a big game coming up next Thursday on ESPN at #23 South Florida.

Sporting news recently released a list of the best sports cities. I hate Pittsburgh, but it deserves to be up there with good college sports and the defending Super Bowl and Stanley Cup champs. My favorite part comes when Cincinnati edges out St. Louis by one spot. I give all the credit to the Bearcats, because even though the Bengals are better than the Rams, there’s no reason Cincy is ahead of the StL.
The real head-scratcher is #17 – “Raleigh + Durham + Chapel Hill, N.C.” I understand that the whole tobacco road thing is huge in basketball (even though this leaves Salem, N.C. out…that’s Wake Forest), but can you really put three cities together to make a good sports city? I think not.

Listen closely here. A “basehit” turns into a double play in no time…

I love Manofest because of things like this: “Top 10 actors originally considered for famous movie roles.” Tom Selleck makes me laugh because we just talked about him in class yesterday. Apparently, the Boston Globe called him “gay” in an article years back and he sued them. I’m sure a suit like that would hold up today.
The real beauty is #1. Couldn’t you see Terminator making a kill and getting away in a white bronco? The best is that the producers thought OJ was “too nice” to play the role. Classic irony.

And now for some predictions about this weekend’s goings-on…

Nebraska at Mizzou tonight. It’s rainy today and it’s supposed to continue all night. That favors whoever runs best, which is Nebraska. You’ve gotta wonder if they’ll become a little too one-dimensional. But don’t be surprised to see some strong plays from D-Wash, De’Vion Moore or Kendall Lawrence on the ground for the Tigers. I think they’ll do enough to open up the passing game.
Mizzou edges out their third win over the Huskers – 27-21.
And it’s never to early for this…

I’ll give you two more college predictions and two NFL predictions to close it out.

Florida heads to Baton Rouge for a showdown with LSU Saturday night. Tebow still hasn’t been cleared to play. If he does go, I think he’ll be a little shaky against a hard-hitting LSU defense. If he doesn’t go, John Brantley’s never taken a meaningful snap in college, especially not one in Death Valley.
I think LSU is extremely overrated, but they’ve got a good defense.
I’ll take the Tigers with a 24-14 upset at home.

The only other college game featuring two ranked teams is Alabama at Ole Miss. Sure, Jevan Snead and the boys want to get things going after looking terrible at South Carolina a few weeks ago. Even at home, it won’t happen against the Tide. Offense is more balanced than expected and defense is better than the South Carolina unit that gave Snead problems.
Roll Tide. I like Nick Saban’s boys with a big road win, 31-13.

On to a Sunday filled with terrible match-ups. Two best games are easy to find. Cincinnati at Baltimore and New England at Denver. Three teams at 3-1 and the undefeated Broncos. Pretty good match-ups.

New England’s offense has been steadily getting better this season. Brady to Moss is a dangerous combination, even though we haven’t seen it much yet. But the Broncos defense is stellar – they’ve given up
26 points this year. All season. That’s 6.5 ppg. Disgusting. I didn’t give them the credit they deserve earlier this season.
Denver’s offense is suspect, but I like the upset. I’ll go with the Broncos, 17-13 in Denver.

The Bengals are playing for first place this weekend. I will enjoy that before going on. It’s nice.
Sadly, I don’t see it happening. Baltimore is the most balanced team in the NFL. Offense has been fantastic, Flacco doesn’t make mistakes, and the defense is always good. I think the Bengals will give them a game, though.
I change my prediction in hopes to be more optimistic, but Baltimore still wins 23-16.
But the Bengals could win. I’d love to be wrong.

I’ll leave you with this…



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