The Battle of Ohio

Not trying to knock OSU at all, even though I don’t like ’em, but this rocks…

How prudent of 700 WLW to take advantage of what the Bearcats have done this season. Some may see it as Cincy fans making fun of the Buckeyes. I choose to look at it as a brilliant marketing strategy.

Now I will take a chance to put the Buckeyes down.
As my brother pointed out in his other blog, Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel claimed that the Buckeyes overlooked Purdue. That’s usually easy to do when you play a 1-5 opponent. But it usually involves playing a big game the next week against a good team. Ohio State’s next opponent? The 4-3 Minnesota Gophers. Then they take on the New Mexico State Aggies. Maybe they were just looking three weeks ahead to when they go to Happy Valley to take on JoePa and the Nittany Lions? Give me a break.

A lot of OSU fans probably felt this way after the Bucks laid an egg at Purdue.

A lot of people think Ohio State is better than UC because of their strength of schedule. Who have the Buckeyes played other than USC? No one. With that argument, people point to the strength of the teams’ respective conferences.
People act like the Big Ten is so much better than the Big East. The reason? Because it gets more respect in the preseason polls. Preseason polls carry so much weight throughout the season, even though they’re essentially based on nothing but assumption. Let’s look at the standings and see which conference is better…
Two of the Big Ten’s eleven teams have less than two losses. Three teams have two losses. The other six Big Ten teams have three losses or more.
Four of the eight teams in the Big East have less than two losses. Two teams have exactly two losses, and the other two have three or more.
One of those teams is Syracuse. The same Syracuse team that is 2-4 and tied for last in the Big East. The same Syracuse team that beat Northwestern, who is ninth in the Big Ten.
So, to recap: Over half of the Big Ten has three losses or more. Over half of the Big East has one loss or is undefeated. The worst team in the Big East beat the third worst team in the Big Ten.
Then think about the fact that each conference has three teams ranked. Yeah, the Big Ten teams are collectively ranked higher (#6 Iowa, #13 Penn State and #19 Ohio State) than the Big East teams (#5 Cincinnati, #20 Pittsburgh, #23 West Virginia). But only Iowa has earned their ranking. The only reason Penn State and Ohio State are still in the Top 25 is because they got more respect than they deserved in the preseason. The three Big East teams all started unranked and have worked their way into the Top 25. And South Florida is right there, too.
Call me crazy, but it doesn’t sound like the Big Ten is all that much better.

On a lighter note…


Have a good weekend. Party like Andy Bernard.



~ by nchaney3 on October 22, 2009.

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