At long last, someone has finally called out the presumably “mighty” SEC. The surprising part? It was CBS’s Gregg Doyel. As he mentions early on in this article, he, as a CBS employee, is calling out the conference his network has done everything in its power to bring to the nation every week on national TV.
The entire article is a great read and makes a ton of sense. A few highlights I love:
– Florida and Alabama are atop the rankings because of the SEC’s past and the assumptions of pollsters from the preseason.
– UCLA beat Tennessee just as easily as Florida and ‘Bama beat Tennessee. And UCLA is 3-4.
– Florida struggled at home against Arkansas, and struggled again in Starksville against an abysmal Mississippi St. team.
– Cincinnati beat Oregon St. by more on the road than USC did at home.
– When he tells the pollsters to use their sense of smell because “the SEC stinks.”
It may have taken years and years of everyone hanging all over the nuts of the SEC, but someone is finally saying what needs to be said. Chances are it won’t change anyone’s minds, but it’s about time someone brings it up. So, even though I roasted him for his earlier article about “Boisinnati,” I tip my hat to him now.

And thanks to Cincinnati’s own Paul Daugherty for pointing out how ridiculous the BCS is. His first part about the computers saying UC had a lousy week with Zach Collaros making his first ever college start and looking like Tony Pike is spot on. So is this part…

“…America isn’t supposed to work this way. We compete. We tap gloves and come out fighting, may the best man win. My mousetrap against yours. We compete. We play off. Computing for a champion doesn’t compute.”

But he also points out how nice it is to be personally involved in this debate. Again, I credit Brian Kelly for all he’s done for Cincinnati.

Go Bearcats.


~ by nchaney3 on October 28, 2009.

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