Hot Nuts!

So I made the trek out to Athens, Ohio, this weekend. Let me just say, I’ve made some terrible decisions in my life. The trip to A-Town was not one of them. But then I decided to stay up there for the Bengals game on Sunday. Once again, not even close to a bad decision.
The beauty of the weekend began early Saturday morning when my father and I headed out to the rough and tumble Deer Run Country Club to get in my first 18 holes in well over a month. I was rusty, but managed to pull together a tidy little 82. Then I was able to enjoy some of the world’s greatest food when I had Skyline for lunch. So, on the day, I am two-for-two. Then, I load up Sherry and we are on our way up the Appalachian Highway to (as my brother calls it) the Promised Land.


Few things make me happier than seeing this sign...

-I was fortunate enough to listen the Bearcats game on the way up, courtesy of 700 WLW and my Sirius satellite radio. It was so wonderful to hear (and later watch) the team never miss a beat, even when they lose arguably their best player. Zach Collaros was outstanding. After showing off his legs in last week’s big win at USF, he showed that he has all the tools on Saturday against Louisville. 15-17 for 253 yards and three TDs. I don’t care who you are, you have to admit that you’ve gotta have one hell of a team to lose a Heisman candidate at QB and look like the exact same dominant offense a week later. Cincy beat Oregon State in Corvallis by 10, while the mighty USC Trojans struggled to win by seven at home against the Beavers. Iowa needed a last-second TD to escape East Lansing with a win over a mediocre Michigan State squad. And the Bearcats drop in the BCS? Great system.
ESPN had a nice blogger debate about who’s better between Cincy and the Hawkeyes. I think both teams have strong cases, but Brian Bennett’s last response is the one that stands out to me. I think the Bearcats are the better team. According to this week’s Dash, so does Pat Forde.
-Saturday was fantastic. Did some partying with Bob, Bob’s girlfriend, Big Bird and Mom, then made my way to celebrate the 21st birthday of my brother’s girlfriend, Wolf. It was wonderful. She didn’t get drunk enough for her big day, but it’s alright, brother and I would personally make that up for her tomorrow.
-Sunday began well with some Hank Moody. Got better when Mr. Fingers came home to tell us he had peed in Mrs. Fingers’ bed. They’re the best couple around. Then things kept rolling with some brewskies, some bowl game, some one-on-one, and, finally, some HOT NUTS.
When we went to Tony’s to get our pre-game Hot Nuts, I knew it was going to be a good day. After we entered the bar, the barkeep said simply, “You guys are early.” We laughed as he finished serving a few other people, listened to a Browns fan gripe about how much they suck, then got ready to get the game off to a great start. The bartender came back over to us with a pot of coffee. He didn’t ask us what we wanted, but decided instead to ask, “How many.” We tell him that brother, Best Man, Chi-Town and I will all have one. Chi-Town was wearing his Bears jersey. As if he didn’t look like a fool already, he sure would by day’s end. That’s because Ced, Carson, Chad and 1-5 made the Bears look like a pee-wee team on Sunday. 45-10. Carson threw for five TDs and Mr. Benson racked up 189 yards. That’s what you get, Bears! Should’ve been nicer to him.

He never looked strong in Chicago, but Cedric looked strong against the Bears on Sunday.

To celebrate the rout, we did Hot Nuts again at halftime and toward the end of the game. Unfortunately for me, Hot Nuts won our boxing match by a resounding TKO in Round 12. Even so, it was a treat to celebrate a WhoDey Sunday with the Athens boys.


-In other news, the NBA tipped off last night. I love the NBA, all season. Most prefer just the playoffs, but I like it all. They are just so freaking good. Nothing beats watching KG knock down a fall-away over a helpless defender, seeing Kobe sink a clutch shot in crunch time, Dwight Howard chalking up a double-double with no effort, or watching LeBron tear up defenses geared toward nothing but stopping him. Sadly for the NBA this year, the experts aren’t expecting all that much excitement until playoff time. ESPN’s expert’s picks aren’t seeing much competition at all in the Eastern Conference. Check out the Atlantic, Central, and Southeast division predictions. They aren’t expecting any competition in the Pacific, almost no competition in the Southwest, and the only seemingly legitimate competition for a division crown comes in the Northwest. They’re expecting the race for the East to be hotly contested. So do I. The Eastern Conference has regained supremacy in the NBA. The Magic, Cavs and Cs are loaded. The West seems to be a one-team race, especially since the Spurs are getting really old, and the Lakers are young and good.
I’m excited to see how the season unfolds. Will Shaq make a difference for the Cavs? Is Vince Carter going to put the Magic over the top? Is Ron Artest good enough to replace Trevor Ariza? It will be fun to watch all season, and the playoffs, especially in the East, will be awesome.


Can Kobe's crew get him a ring for that thumb?


– For my brother, how about JJ Redick’s latest plans? As Mo Egger said, “some things have suck written all over it.”

-Lastly, I want to point out how awesome college football is. The Iowa State Cyclones beat the Nebraska Huskers in Lincoln this weekend. Yes, the lowly Cyclones took down the mighty Huskers in one of college football’s most intimidating atmospheres, against a solid Cornhusker squad. It had been 32 years since that happened, and it was only the seventh time in program history. Then remember that they were missing their starting QB and the Big 12’s leading rusher, and this is pretty cool. Especially when you get a look inside their celebration. No matter who you root for, a sports fan can appreciate this:

Altiora. Enjoy the NBA season…especially LeBron.


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