Less than a month til Thanksgiving!

Halloween is just kinda there for me. The real holiday in my mind is Thanksgiving. If it weren’t for the rain in mid-Missouri the last few weeks, this would be the best time of the year, weather wise. And nothing beats a crisp fall day or night, especially when Thanksgiving rolls around.
But anyway…we are having a big Halloween party this evening. I will be going as Happy Gilmore. The test run last night was less than perfect for me. I had to tell more than 50% of the people that I talked to what my costume was. Honestly, people. I’m wearing a Bruins jersey, sweatpants, boots and carrying around a golf club with a tube sock on it. Is that not obvious enough? I guess I’ll have to get a hockey stick putter tonight to make it clear what’s really going on. The real accessories I want, though? I need someone to be Mr. Larson, my caddy, Shooter and Chubs. Chubs would probably be the best to have. Sadly, I do not have a black friend with a wooden hand. We’ll let you know how it works out, though.

If only I had a black wooden hand to keep me on the right path...

In other news, I plan to play this song as many times as possible tonight at our party. I had seen it many times before but never cared enough to watch all the way through. DJ Steve Porter – hats off to you, sir.

In other news, the Cats will be going without T. Pike for the second straight week. Luckily, unlike many of the top 10 teams in the country, the Bearcats are a good team. They don’t just have their ranking based solely on respect earned by their predecessors. They’ve worked and earned it this season. Luckily, Zach Collaros has come in to replace a Heisman candidate and the offense hasn’t missed a beat. And the defense is shutting people down. They’ve been outstanding. They head up to the Carrier Dome today to take on GP and the Orange. Even without Pike and with a dangerous Mike Williams for the ‘Cuse offense, I still like Cincy, 38-13.

Zach Collaros has stepped up big with Tony down. (photo, cincinnati.com)

And since I mentioned Greg Paulus and Zach Collaros, let me say something here. People like these two piss me off so much. Not because they did anything wrong. Not even because they bother me. In fact, I have great respect for them. I, like Brian Kelly loved the idea of Greg Paulus playing QB for the Orange after he stopped playing ball for the Dukies. And I’m happy that Zach Collaros has become one of the Bearcats most important assets on the football field while still holding it down for the UC baseball team. So what’s the problem, you may ask. I’ll tell you what the problem is. While Greg Paulus is being good enough to start at the point for Duke AND play football at Syracuse, I’m doing nothing. While Zach Collaros is helping on the diamond for the Cats and calling signals on the gridiron, too, I’m paying for my college. So, my note to Zach Collaros, Greg Paulus and all others like him: SPREAD THE WEALTH. Give me some of your talent. You selfish little gifted athletes! I’m going to be tens of thousands of dollars in debt, but they’ll be heading into the real world fresh off two-sport college careers. Good for them for being talented, but I just wish I could be equally – if not more – talented. I guess we will see which one’s the better QB today. As I predicted earlier, I like Zach Collaros to outduel Mr. Paulus.

Hey, Greg Paulus: stop being selfish and share your talent.

And, lastly, I will give some predictions for this weekend’s big games. I want to be more optimistic than realistic because, right now, the Bearcats need some help to climb the BCS ladder. This weekend could be huge. A Texas loss in Stillwater coupled with a USC loss to the Ducks in Eugene would go a long way. If I want to be crazily optimistic, why not a Bulldog upset of the Gators in Jacksonville? So, on to the predictions.
– Oklahoma State has played extremely well in the absence of Dez Bryant (which is total BS, by the way. The NCAA blew it) and Kendall Lawrence. The offense has kept rolling on the back of Zach Robinson and Bryant’s backup, Hubert Anyiam has filled in admirably. Unfortunately for the Pokes (and the Bearcats), the Texas offense started rolling last week here in Columbia and the defense is silly good. Oklahoma State will hang in there at home, but the ‘Horns will be too much. 31-21 Texas win.
– USC’s Matt Barkley is a stud. If he doesn’t get injured, I guarantee the Trojans are undefeated. Oregon flew under the radar for a bit after losing their season opener in Boise. The home field advantage at Autzen Stadium will be huge, but we all saw how cool Barkley was at The ‘Shoe. Oregon is a popular pick, but I feel like Pete Carroll will have the troops ready. SoCal squeaks out a big win, 23-17.
– I wish I could tailgate at the UF-Georgia game in Jacksonville this weekend. It’d be a party unlike any other. And I fear that may be the only exciting part of the game there this weekend. Everyone is making a big deal about Tim Tebow and the Florida offense struggling. I don’t think they’re that great to begin with, but that’s neither here nor there. They’ll be good enough that, coupled with a good defensive unit, they’ll stay perfect with a win over the Dogs, 21-10.
– And I’m sitting here watching IU march down the field on Iowa. I was waiting for the OSU game to see the Hawkeyes falter, but it’s 7-0 Hoosiers. What the F?! But Iowa always finds a way to piss me off and pull it out. Oh well.

Go Bearcats! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Watch your drinks tonight! Happy Halloween. Altiora.


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