Parker Leppien broadcasting live…

…from Faurot Field and Hearnes Center on Saturday. You can check it out at or on your radio dial at 88.1 FM here in Columbia. People think Jim Nantz doing the Masters and the Final Four in the same week is impressive? Parker’s doing the MU/Baylor football game and the MU/Texas women’s volleyball game in the same day. Not impressed? You should be. Catch a glimpse of broadcasting future.


Get excited for a chance to check out Mr. Leppien on his road to unrivaled fame.

– In other news, Penn State isn’t allowed to sell clever t-shirts for this weekend’s showdown with the Buckeyes. I don’t get why it’s a problem. The “Nutcracker” part? They’re the Buckeyes for chrissakes. And Terrelle Pryor is terrible, so the people of his home state should get the chance to make fun of him and rejoice that he didn’t hurt their football program.

I think they're clever. Apparently I'm wrong.

And even though I hate OSU, I sure hope they win this weekend. It gives them something to play for next week against Iowa. It won’t be easy, though. But as I think back to the Iowa/Penn St. game that started this whole Iowa revolution, it was a good defense that won. The Buckeyes have a pretty good defense.
Maybe wishful thinking, but I’ll take Ohio State to keep hope alive for a Big Ten crown with a 23-17 win.

– LSU travels to Tuscaloosa, where they’ve won every game since 2000. I think they’re 7-2 in that span, as well. The only thing that sucks about this game for me is the fact that it’s two SEC teams battling with “national title implications” because every single one or two-loss team in that conference would get that recognition. It’s garbage. I really wish voters could cast their ballots solely based on what’s happened this year, but they never do. The SEC and Big 12 always get more credit, whether they deserve it or not. The Pac-10 and Big Ten both get a legitimate amount of respect, and the Big East is an afterthought. I know I sound like a homer trying to campaign for the Bearcats, but even without them in the equation, all of this is true.
But anyway, back to the game this weekend. It should be a classic. That is if you enjoy miserable offense from both teams and announcers crediting the lack of offensive effectiveness to awesome defenses. Sure, both teams are very good defensively, but both offenses are horrendous, miserable, putrid, pathetic, etc. This won’t be fun to watch for someone who enjoys offense, but it’ll come down to the wire. I think Alabama’s inability to score in the red zone will cost them. LSU wins 12-7.

-Tiger’s in China this weekend. The galleries are apparently numbering in the thousands – no surprise when you consider who it is and what he stands for. Throw that together with the world’s largest national population and, Voila! You have absurdly large amounts of people and, consequently, a lot of distractions, as well.
Now don’t get me wrong here, I love Tiger and I can’t stand people who don’t know proper golf etiquette, but this needs to be expected. And what in the world is Tiger worried about? Didn’t his dad throw clubs and shit at him midswing when he was younger? He’s the most mentally tough golfer in the world. Earl tells you so…

It doesn’t matter…this is a WGC event. Tiger makes WGC events his bitch. Want proof? Okay…
In 30 starts, Tiger has 16 wins, 24 top five finishes, and 27 top ten finishes. Not too shabby.

-Bearcats and UConn this weekend on ABC. Except not for me. I get to watch OU and Nebraska duke it out. I know it sounds awesome: two programs with about a trillion titles between them playing on Saturday night – pretty exciting. A good game to pick, especially for regional telecast. I understand. It doesn’t mean I like it, though. Regardless, I’m sure I can catch the Cincy game somewhere and go batshit crazy for them if and when they make it to 9-0 for the first time since 1951.
Zach Collaros is billed to get the start, but T. Pike may be making some appearances, which is exciting and relieving for Bearcat fans. This will be a good test against a solid Connecticut squad playing with heavy hearts after the tragic murder of cornerback Jasper Howard. Don’t let their 4-4 record fool you. The Huskies haven’t lost a game by more than four points, and have lost their four games by a combined 13 points. It’s not going to be an easy task to chalk up that ninth ‘W’ for BK and the boys. But I still think they will. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Collaros or Pike, this team is just that: a team. They won’t slow down on either side of the ball. I take UC to hand UConn its first double-digit loss of the season.
Bearcats 38 – 21 Huskies.
By the way, Pike and Collaros (and Chazz Anderson maybe once or twice) have the Bearcats leading the nation in passing efficiency. Bing bong.

-The Hit King is a class act. Get him in the Hall ASAP!

– Bengals-Ravens: Round 2 on Sunday. Big game for Cincy and Baltimore. The Ravens looked outstanding in their dominating victory in Denver last week and they feel like they have something to prove after the way Ceddy just ran all over them a few weeks back. The WhoDeys are 1-3-1 coming off the bye week under Marvin Lewis. The Bengals can put themselves in the driver’s seat with another win over Baltimore and they need to do it. They can’t have a letdown in the second half of the season. If they just win the games they should over inferior competition and play the way they have against a tough schedule, they’ll be playoff-bound for the first time since 2005.
According to this schedule breakdown, they should do it. They’ve had the toughest schedule to date of the three teams competing for the AFC North and they have the easiest schedule remaining. I don’t know how accurate these numbers are or how they’re computed, but they make me happy and give me hope.
Even with pride on the line, I still like Cincinnati in this one. But I’m nervous. Very much so. I just like the way the offense has progressed all year (except the Texans game). I think it’ll continue. Stopping Baltimore’s run will be the bigger key. We’ll see how it goes. As for a prediction…Bengals 23, Ravens 21. It’s never easy with the Orange and Black.

-I always hate when people rip on soccer for being too “girly.” It’s a tough sport played by tough people. And if this is “girly,” then I know a lot of football players who might even shy away…

– Meet Noah Chang. I’m too lazy to write about him, but my brother did a good job, so read that. Here’s the video, though.

Now I’m gonna go do this, minus song and camera. Have a good weekend, everyone. Altiora. Go Bearcats!

“He looks…he shoots….and he scores.”


~ by nchaney3 on November 6, 2009.

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