Best weekend of all time…?

Quite possibly. Bearcats, Panthers and Bengals all keep great seasons going and Mizzou actually showed up and played during the second half of a game. It was fun to watch.

-We’ll do this chronologically, so the Bearcats will be first. I’ve been saying all year that this Cincy team is good enough to compete for a national championship. After the past two weeks, I still stand by that without question, even though many people are questioning them with two close wins. I think great teams find ways to win, even when they aren’t at their best. That’s what Cincinnati did the past two weeks.
Not sure how I feel about the two QB idea by BK, but I understand getting T. Pike back into the swing of things. He’s gotta stick with one for the rest of the season, though. Now isn’t the time to throw off continuity and take unnecessary risks. You have an outside shot at the BCS national title and the inside track to another BCS bowl game. But if Isaiah Pead and the running game keep at it, this will be a tough team for anyone to stop.
They should dismantle Illinois this week, then it’s the showdown everyone’s waiting for in Pittsburgh. As my brother said, “Who’d have thought the Big East would have the best team in Ohio and Pennsylvania?” And if you question the Ohio part, this should settle it.

WVU got Pead on Friday night. To the tune of 175 yards.

– Big time win for the Tigers on Saturday. Danario Alexander was just sick nasty. I don’t know why Blaine Gabbert even bothers throwing it to other people. 8-1 is the man. He’s the deep threat any NFL team would love to have. Get excited to see him on Sundays. Maybe in Orange and Black?

– The Panthers got their revenge against St. X and face Anderson this weekend in the regional final. Yeah…Anderson. I was shocked. When’s the last time you figured Anderson would be coming out of the toughest region in the state and one of the toughest regions in all of high school football? Apparently they’re good enough, though, and I doubt Doug Ramsey will let his guys overlook them. Out of D-II last year and in the regional final this year in D-I? It’s impressive.
As for the X game, a great job by Mark Miller. The kid’s efficient and real good. It’s a lot easier when Timmy O’Conner doesn’t break his arm on the first offensive play. And Ben Coffaro is a stud. Plain and simple.

– How ’bout them Bengals. What a way to win. If you would have told me what a slugfest that game would have been in any of the last 19 years, I would have guaranteed a Steeler win. Even now I’m still skeptical because of the 19 years of futility I’ve lived through. But I never once was worried during that game. Granted, all I could do was wait for highlight updates and track the gamecast. Even so, I never saw anything about the way the game was going that really worried me. Well…aside from Ced going down. But how about Bernard Scott? Big time to step up like that. Then you have the third down threat of Brian Leonard, which is outstanding.
Which brings me to my next point: Why sign Larry Johnson? I see no benefit of having LJ as your scout team running back. No reason at all. The only explanation I can think of is that Cedric Benson’s injury is potentially worse than anyone is letting on.
But let’s not dwell on that. Let’s dwell on the fact that the Bengals are 7-2, swept the Steelers and the Ravens and have three cake games coming up. They could legitimately lock up a first round bye by week 13 or 14 if they take care of business. Think about that. It’s phenomenal. This team beat the Steelers at their own game and in their own stadium. What Marvin Lewis is doing is outstanding.
And what Mike Zimmer has done and continues to do is so far beyond words, I feel guilty trying to put it into words. As the Revolution tells us, the WhoDeys need to hang on to him. And this article is outstanding about Zim and the entire team.

Mike Brown needs to open up the pocket book and keep Zim around.

– Whoever came up with this 24 hour Tip-Off Marathon on ESPN deserves a raise. Give him like ten dollars per point scored. That’s 23,140 dollars (for those of you who don’t want to do the math, that’s 2,314 points scored in the 18 games). They need to do this way more often.
A bunch of great games. Cal State Fullerton beat UCLA in a 2 OT thriller. Georgetown and Temple went down to the wire in a defensive slugfest. Gonzaga went to East Lansing and almost knocked off Tom Izzo’s second-ranked Spartans. The rematch of the 2008 NCAA Championship game was an instant classic. Josh Pastner deserves a ton of credit coming in to take over for Calipari…those are some big shoes for him to fill.
I love college basketball, so this day was outstanding. A brilliant idea by someone who deserves the biggest high five of the year. I’m so excited for this season.

-How about Miami going down to Lexington and almost knocking off the fourth-ranked Wildcats? Welcome to Rupp Arena, John Calipari. You can exhale now. John Wall saved the day after the Redhawks led 36-18 at one point. But what a response by Charlie Coles after the game when asked “how it got away” from him…

-Bill Belichik went for it on 4th-and-two on his own 28 yard line. And, as Little Guy would say, “It was a six-point game!” I’ve heard so many people talk about this it makes me sick. Big deal…the guy knew his defense wasn’t going to stop Peyton Manning. So, even if they punt it, the Pats lose. I don’t care. The Bengals are 7-2.

-My roommate Little Guy is a great actor. But only because Defibrillator helps him out.

That’s all I’ve got because I have two papers and a project due before break. Peace. One Love.


~ by nchaney3 on November 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Best weekend of all time…?”

  1. Hey Nick, just wanted to add that a reason that the Bengals got LJ is that they could get him at the league minimum, and that he could possibly take some of the load off of Cedric Benson and not let him peak before Bengals possibly make the playoffs. Just an idea, nothing more.

  2. I hear ya, Bob. But I think Bernard Scott proved this weekend he is able to do that. Marvin Lewis said LJ is a fourth-string RB on this team. You can get guys to play scout team for cheaper than league minimum…

  3. Trey’s thing is in Spanish, I took French. Unfortunate turn of events for my side.

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