A break, at last.

Much like the ones I often take from this blog. But it is for you, loyal reader(s), that I march ahead. I appreciate the loyalty, even though posts have been scarce and readers have been few (the y-axis on my current site visitors graph maxes out at 10). But, for now, I am back.

-What a weekend for college football! Some major games with serious BCS implications. What’s that? Alabama plays Chattanooga? And Florida plays host to Florida International? At least Texas has an…oh wait…they play Kansas. And all of Mangino’s players are now scared he’s going to add them to the daily menu.
So it’s a terrible week as far as college football is concerned. But there are some big games, even if they don’t matter to most everyone apart from the Pac-10. Stanford vs. Cal is a rivalry that hasn’t really had much significance in recent memory (thanks to USC’s domination of the conference). This season, both teams are ranked and looking toward the “Big Daddy of ’em All.” And, after the last seven years, it’s exciting to see a lot of teams with a chance to smell the Roses.
Oregon and Arizona have another big game as far as the Pac-10 title is concerned. The Wildcats have never played in the Rose Bowl, but, if I’m not mistaken, they are in the driver’s seat to change that. If they win out, they go to Pasadena. That will include a tough game this weekend, a trip to in-state rival Arizona State and then a jaunt down to LA to face USC. So, even with no chance of winning the conference, the Pac-10 title still has to go through the Trojans. With a ‘W’ at Autzen Stadium, ‘Zona will hold the tiebreaker over all three teams ahead of them (Oregon, Stanford, Oregon State). If they lose, how exciting is the “Civil War” game going to be between the Ducks and Beavers in Eugene?
Regardless of the outcome of these games, it will be fun to see how a great year of parity in this usually boring conference will play out.
After seeing this, I must admit I’m pulling for the Ducks…

– Good time for a rest for Cincy. Then they can cruise against Illinois next week before the big showdown with Pitt.
While we’re on the topic of Cincinnati football, did you hear the shocking news? Zach Collaros is just like almost any other college student you’ll ever meet! He tried to get into a bar underage. Holy cow! Fire up the presses!
I get that he blatantly ignored the court order to attend the diversion program, which was stupid. But let’s be serious – how many of these cases get brought to court every year? And who knew that ZC was even part of the UC football team when it happened? It’s old news and a weak story. Leave the kid alone. And if he was supposed to attend a diversion program for underage drinking, and he’s now 21, what’s he going to do?

– College basketball has gotten off to a fun start. Syracuse lost to Lemoyne a few weeks back in an exhibition game. Never heard of Lemoyne? You shouldn’t have. But now the ‘Cuse is looking like a freaking title contender. They completely shut down a great shooting team in Cal, and owned the defending champs in the final of the 2K Sports Classic. As my main man Kim English put it on his twitter (@Englishscope), “Do you think Lemoyne (the school that beat Syracuse) is sitting at home saying “we can beat Carolina”??” A great question, Kimmy. A great question, indeed.
Villanova almost got upended by everyone’s favorite Cinderella – George Mason. Then, they go out and jump to an 18-point lead over a good Dayton team that just knocked off Georgia Tech. The feisty Flyers made a great run, but, unfortunately for my buddies at UD, they came up short.
How about Evan Turner? The Ohio State guard is disgusting good. UNC’s Ginyard “shut him down” for 23 points. Granted, he did force 10 turnovers out of him, but still – he did everything he could to stop him, and Turner still put up 23 points. The ‘Heels got the win, too, which is a good one to have on the resume (for confidence, because they won’t be a bubble team).
And Turner followed up that “rough” performance with a double-double to give the Buckeyes third place in that same tourney.

20.3 ppg and 15 rpg from a GUARD. 15 rebounds from a GUARD?!

– Ohio State/Michigan this weekend. It’s not going to be close. So, for all of you OSU students who jumped in Piss…oops, I mean Mirror Lake: I hope the tradition was worth it for something that will be enjoyable to watch for all of three minutes (because that’s how long until the Buckeyes score and former Panther Jake McQuaide makes another perfect snap for the extra point). Which reminds me…I need to get my rest because I’m heading up to Columbus tomorrow to celebrate. I hear it gets rowdy. That gets me excited.

– I leave you with this, because we should all get along.

Go Panthers. Upstate!


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