The Turkey Bowl awaits…

I guess I can get a quick post in while I wait for Dexter to buffer in another window. This break of mine has been pretty solid so far.
I return home Friday night to some delicious wingies from Wild Mike’s, watch a few episodes of The Office, give my fans something to read here, then hit the hay for a big Saturday. And it was big. OSU was a blast. I probably made a fool of myself at some point, but I figure college is kinda like four years of mulligans. When will I ever have any excuse to do anything I do in college ever again? You may disagree. I would then have to disagree with you.
I’ve caught up on all my shows except Dexy. I was on fire with him a little over a month ago, but hit a snag and am just now resuming season three.

The League is my new favorite show. Hilarious. Crude. Clever. Witty. Funny. Awesome.
Thursday nights on FX. 10:30 p.m. Tune in.

Now on to other things…
– The Bengals looked bad this weekend. The line was atrocious, the offense never capitalized when they needed to and the defense looked mediocre and very vulnerable at times. Even with all of those problems, they still should have won. They killed themselves with penalties and turnovers.
Most people are saying it’s not too bad because Pittsburgh lost, but losing in that fashion was inexcusable. You cannot jump out to a 14-0 lead against the Raiders and give it up. I don’t think this will kill the Bengals down the road, but it doesn’t help at all with San Diego and New England playing well. Cincy was in the driver’s seat for the #2 seed and now put themselves in a dog fight for that spot. A first-round bye would go a long way for this squad down the stretch, and their lapse this weekend may cost them just that. I still think they make the playoffs as the AFC North winner, but we should be thinking about more for this team.

– Got to watch the Bearcats for the first time in action this evening. I liked a lot of what I saw. Yancy Gates was a beast, the defense was great, the rebounding was outstanding, the transition game and press break was super and they won a game in which Deonta Vaughn was held scoreless for almost all of the contest. I was impressed. They shot less than 40% from the field and still beat a Top 25 team. Gates and Dion Dixon both had double-doubles. This team looks like they can be pretty deep. That could prove key as they move forward and play in the toughest basketball conference in the nation.
There was some downside, though. As I said, they shot under 40% for the game. Not good. They were hacking and slapping all game long – Vandy shot 35 free throws thanks to 26 fouls committed by the Cats. The halfcourt offense seemed stagnant at times with guys settling for jump shots a little too often.
Lance Stephenson was supposed to be like the second coming or something. I wasn’t overly impressed by his performance, but he did show flashes of what he’s supposed to be. I look forward to watching him mature and develop and hopefully live up to the almost impossibly high expectations Bearcat fans have.
And I love Alex Eppensteiner’s presence on the UC roster. He’s easy to pick out on the bench. An Elder grad and former rider of Bus 659. Represent, Alex. Represent.

– The Panthers are back into the state semifinals as they take on Hilliard Davidson up at UD this weekend. I am thinking about going if I can…I’d love to see Mark Miller light it up at Welcome Stadium. Elder is the first team to repeat as regional champs from the southwest since the 2002 and 2003 Panther squads did it en route to back-to-back state titles. It’s not an easy task considering the Southwest regional is the toughest in the state and up there as one of the toughest in high school football in many eyes.
Let’s hope there’s another repeat title game appearance with a different result this season. With Timmy O’Conner back, it’s looked like this team is everything it was billed to be coming into this season.

Miller and the Panthers repeat as Regional Champs

– Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday ever. I am so excited for it. If you disagree, then I would like to let you know that you are wrong. I cannot wait to defend our title in the Turkey Bowl and sip on some sweet victory nectar – CapriSun.
Here’s last year’s statistics (complete with a few jokes courtesy of my buddy Greek)…
Turkey Bowl 2008

Team A – 77 (aka 11)
QB- Bobby Smyth
Pick #1 Nick Chaney
Pick #2 Bryan Huegen
Pick #3 Steve Shore
Pick #4 Sammy Geroulis
Team B- 49 (aka 7)
QB- Craig “Deviated Septum” Buschle
Pick #1 Benjamin “MVP” Van Oflen
Pick #2 Matthew “Sorry for Partying” Schatzman
Pick #3 Robert “Barbie” Doll
Pick #4 John “Air Alert” Kroner

Bobby Smyth, 9 TD passes, 0 interceptions, 2 sacks
Craig Buschle, 7 TD passes, 2 interceptions 5 sacks (1 nut)
Ben Van Oflen 4 TDs
Sammy Geroulis 4 TDs, 1 Interception, 1 DEF TD
Nick Chaney 4 TDs
Steve Shore 1 Interception, 1 DEF TD
Bryan Huegen 1 TD
Matt Schatzman 1 TD
Botchy Doll 1 TD
John Kroner 1 TD, Infinite Intimidation

-I expect more of the same this year. We’re not looking to give up our title.

Ahh sweet victory...I can taste you already.

Happy Thanksgiving. Altiora.


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One Response to “The Turkey Bowl awaits…”

  1. Great to see those stats again.

    4th Pick never seemed so good, i’m the Turkey Football equivalent of Chris Paul in 05′

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