Cincinnati still has a football team

And a basketball team, too. But we will get to that later.
As everyone in the entire world knows, Brian Kelly has taken the vacant coaching position at the University of Notre Dame. Shocker. But Alex Daniels put it best: “…we were the ones out there playing every play, every snap. He was just the one calling the plays.” Preach, Alex. Preach. The Bearcats are still gonna be down in Nawlins for the Sugar Bowl. They were the ones out their playing all season. Just because BK is gone doesn’t mean they aren’t still the same kids that were playing their hearts out for 12 games this season.

Celebrate with the 'Cats in New Orleans.

Everyone in Cincinnati is pretty upset about it. A lot of people are mad at BK. Why? I mean, sure, I was hoping he’d stay and finish the job here at Cincy. But did I realistically think he would? Absolutely not. Like I said last week: it’s Notre Dame. The only way he was staying was if Colt McCoy floated that pass about a second longer. If they weren’t playing for the national title, he was gone. If someone was offering you five times more than you were getting to go take your dream job, you’d be all over it. Don’t act like you wouldn’t.
But the way Coach Kelly handled everything did rub me the wrong way. For someone who demanded media and fan attention for his program throughout his time here, there’s absolutely no justification for completely avoiding both when you’re leaving. He told his players they’d be the first to know. I realize with situations like these, there will be sources leaking information to the press. But he could have done a much better job keeping his players in the know. As he said when he took the job, they got him this opportunity. Speaking of the players, why do you send them out to the media when they’re left in the dark about the situation and let BK slip in without having to say a word? Lastly, who’s the source that says UC put forth “minimal effort” to keep Kelly? They’re throwing money they really don’t have into the new practice complexes, getting the Nippert redo set up and gave him two extensions in two years. That’s not minimal effort.
All that being said, I still can’t blame him for going. It’s a dream job. I wish him all the best at ND. And – what I think a lot of people in Cincinnati aren’t doing – I thank him for what he did. I remember going to Bearcat football games when I was a kid and there were only 3,000 people there. The last three years, I’ve gone to sold-out games with championship implications in each. When I look back on the Brian Kelly era, I will remember that. I’ll remember back-to-back BCS bowls. I’ll remember leaping out of my recliner and chest-bumping Little Guy’s older brother when Armon Binns caught that perfect T. Pike pass last week. I’ll remember 35-6. I will remember that he thrust Bearcat football into the national spotlight. And that’s what we should all remember.

If I could be as happy as I was at this moment every day of my life, I would be the happiest boy alive.

And because I mentioned it, how right was I saying the Bearcats would pull it out last week? If you don’t recall, I referenced how they win even when they statistically have no business doing so. They were dominated up front. They gave up 31 first half points. They trailed by 21 at one point, and by 14 in the fourth. But, like I said, they found a way to win. And the difference? Special teams. I’m like Sybill freaking Trelawney (when she made the one accurate prophecy). The only thing I got wrong was the final score. But the Bearcats won. That’s what matters. And now it’s time for MARDY GRAS down in New Orleans (see above).

-Big (or not so big..haha) News: John Daly is skinny now.

Even skinny John Daly can pull off the pants.

Will I still root for him? Of course. Will I root for him as passionately as I did when he was playing shirtless and drinking a beer? Not quite.

-As I mentioned above, Cincinnati has a basketball team, too. You wouldn’t know it based on attendance at Bearcat games I’ve seen. They’re in the top 25 and moving their way up. 19th in the AP and ESPN/USA Today. One of only four or five teams with a basketball and football team ranked right now. I can dig it.
Big win over a scrappy Miami (Ohio) squad. That proved a lot about this team in my mind. Crosstown Shootout looming after a 15 day layoff. A Redhawks squad that took it to #4 UK at Rupp Arena and almost knocked off the Wildcats is not the team I’d want to see. But the Bearcats were ready and never looked like they were going lose. Never trailed after taking a 7-6 lead with 13:45 left in the first half. Lance looked like the stud he’s supposed to be. He took over in the first half to give Cincy the cushion they needed and was there for big plays down the stretch. His decision-making has gotten exponentially better and he’s not forcing things anymore. Expect him to keep getting better. I love it. Apparently CBS considered him one of the top five freshmen in the country. That’s exciting.

And he's finally playing like it. Get excited.

I think they’re going to be ready for the Muskies on Sunday. I know it’s at Cintas and XU will be hungry after getting stomped at K-State, but I think they’re ready. Yancy, Cashmere and Lance are getting all the attention. Chris Mack is going to have his squad focusing on them. You know who that leaves open? Deonta Vaughn. That’s scary. And Rashad Bishop, Dion Dixon and Larry Davis will get a lot of looks, too. I think they pull out a ‘W’ in the first Shootout they’re the favorite in years.

-This is funny. Making the “Tall Corn State” proud.

-Sources say Turner Gill will be named the new coach at kU. I really like Turner Gill. I really don’t like kansas. I am torn. Big brother wanted Turner to coach the Bearcats. So much for that. Sad day.

-Who will be the Bearcats next coach? I don’t know. I’m not sure how much I care, either. He won’t have much to do. They return a lot of guys – Collaros, Binns, Pead, JK Schaeffer and Collaros, to name a few. I think keeping it in the family might help keep up this streak of success and will definitely help recruiting. I am very much not opposed to yanking the “interim” title off of offensive coordinator Jeff Quinn. Just throwing it out there.

-I’m getting back into ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. I’ll get back on the right track tonight with the Portland Trail Blazers, even without Greggy boy.

Counting on B. Roy and the Rip City boys to get me on a winning streak.

-Heisman Trophy presentation tonight. McCoy and Tebow are returning as finalists. Neither one has a shot if you ask me. But this sure makes me want to puke. From Ivan Maisel…

Florida stayed at No. 1 until nearly the end of this season and goes into the Sugar Bowl at No. 5 in large part via Tebow’s will and positive thinking.

Suh should get a lot of consideration, but I think a lot of voters are hesitant to throw a defensive player on the top of their ballots. Ingram is really good but I think he’ll get more consideration than he deserves because he plays in the SEC. I understand it has some good teams, but the media makes it seem more like the NFL. It’s not.
My winner is a no doubter: Toby Gerhart is the man. 26 rushing touchdowns. Never had a game in which he averaged less than 4.4 yards per carry. He dominated against the best competition he faced. Stanford played seven bowl-eligible opponents this season. In those seven games, he averaged 156 yards and three touchdowns. The kid is a stud. Did you watch him run over Notre Dame in his last game? Even if the Fighting Irish blow, it was still impressive. He trucked through seventh-ranked Oregon’s defense for 223 yards and three TDs. He’s had those “Heisman moments” we hear so much about. He deserves it. And if you’re all over Tebow for being such a great guy and student and all that jazz, check this. From ESPN’s Pat Forde:

Gerhart is an All-Academic Pac-10 selection as well. He’s carrying a 3.25 grade-point average as a management, science and engineering major, and he’s on schedule to graduate a quarter early. At Stanford. Where they don’t do bunny classes.

But there is one guy I think was shafted. Party Mardy should be in New York…

-Big game for the Bengals this weekend. We get a chance to see how good they really are. If the defense is the real deal, they’ll stuff AP like the Cardinals did last week, J-Jo and Leon will shut down Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin and catch a few of Brett’s passes, and Fanene, Peko, Dhani and other guys will get to Mr. Favre and maybe even break his hip. I think they’ve got a better chance than all the “experts” over at ESPN.

The only thing that worries me about this is that Schefter picked the Bears to win, too.

Zim’s been here before. He knows how to game plan for Brett Favre. My only worry would be Peterson. Even a really good defense can have trouble with him. The other concern: pass protection. If the big boys up front can give Carson some time, expect Chad to find a lot of holes in the Viking secondary. The running game should be able to get going just like it has the last few weeks. If the Bengals can try to win a game instead of winning the stat line, I think they can take this one and lock up the division title and playoff berth, then look ahead to home field and a bye.
WhoDeys clinch the AFC North, 27-17.

-My brother taught me how to take screen shots on my computer, so I’m loving it. I would just link you to this otherwise. Instead, check out my sweet new Twitter background. And feel free to follow me…nchaney3.

I's badass.

-I will leave you with these. My brother and I stumbled across them earlier today. They were funny. We laughed.
As my good friend @kchizek said: “Who doesn’t love little asian boys?”

I hate cats, but this is kinda funny.

Man…I did a heck of a job with this post. I guess that’s what procrastination is all about. Now I will try to get some work done for finals week before I sit down with pops to watch the Heisman presentation.

“Remember…wherever you go, there you are.”


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