Pour some out for 1-5…

Not much to say today. It’s my buddy’s 21st, too. Gotta head back to Greek’s place to continue the celebration.

-Not a lot to say on the topic, but absolutely tragic what happened to Chris Henry. Mo Egger put it best:

“Sports, like life are about redemption. Chris Henry seemed to have been redeeming himself. He was shedding the negative influences in his life. He was embracing the opportunity the Bengals had given him. He was a productive member of a good football team. He was rewriting the Chris Henry story and I’d like to think that it would have had a happy ending.
Fewer things are as tragic as the road to redemption being cut short.
Even fewer are as tragic as a father being taken from his children. My heart breaks for them today.”

As a friend said, “Jesus has a new favorite deep threat. His name is Slim.”

-Now to lift your spirits…
“Let me ask you something, Mr. Campbell. What kinda power you got?”

“And when the roosters are crowin’ and the cows are spinnin’ circles in the pasture…”

Have a good weekend. WhoDey.


~ by nchaney3 on December 19, 2009.

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