Let us harken back to the Turkey Bowl

Remember when I told you guys about our Turkey Bowl title? You know…”it’s tough to repeat.” The early deficit, the comeback, the aptly-named friend (Botchy). They all contributed to the instant classic overtime battle. And now, you can have six seconds of joy (or sorrow, depending upon where your loyalties lie) from it, as well. Here is the epic conclusion to the 2009 Turkey Bowl…if you can watch it on facebook. Hope you can. But, since I’m a great guy, here’s a series of still shots of the end:

He's open!

He's got it!

Oh...not so much anymore.

Who's gonna get it?!

Not Botchy! Turkey Bowl over!

The thrill of victory.

-Hats off to Mark Miller. Elder’s QB was named Enquirer Division I Player of the Year again this season.

-Remember how I said XU’s players were worse than UC’s when discussing the fights during the Crosstown Shootout? Well, their reactions to losing to Butler yesterday made me look spot on. I understand you got the shaft, but have some class. Apparently they ripped a water fountain off the wall outside their locker room. Oops. They wouldn’t have scored if they got the 1.2 seconds back anyways. And what a wild finish!

-And this is cool. I recommend watching The Sing-Off.

This was half-assed. I’ll try to do better this week.


~ by nchaney3 on December 20, 2009.

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