I had a Belgian waffle today.

And I had some other things, too. It was pretty wild. The waffle was a bit much, though. So much happening in my mouth. Warm Belgian chocholate, whipped cream and strawberries. Good and all, but almost too rich. Regardless, Roommate Ben and I had a fun little excursion around the city today. Let me recount it to you quickly so you can enjoy Brussels vicariously through me…
-It began by missing morning check-in. Oops. I was about to head down like 15 minutes late and apologize, but our student managers beat me to the punch and came up to check on the two of us. As a result, I was able to hop right back in bed and catch up on some much needed z’s. We slept in until 1:30. It was glorious.
-We awoke and got ready, then made our way out to enjoy the city. Our first stop was the Mannekin Pis. It was alright. Nothing too special. Kind of underwhelming, all things considered. A little small…the statue, that is. But I took a picture of it. I feel lucky enough to be able to openly tell people I took a picture of a small boy peeing and it was 100% legal. Score.

Unfortunately, it wasn't wearing a get-up like this today.

-We then checked out a cathedral. I’m not the most religious guy around, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be impressed and appreciate the beauty. It was outstanding. Got a few pictures, a postcard and a souvenir for someone I know back home. But I can’t tell who.
-We then decided to just walk around. We almost went off the map they gave us at the hotel. We even had some people ask us for directions. We were clearly blending in…they basically thought we were European! Way to go, us.
-We saw the Belgian tomb for the Unknown Soldier. That was really cool. There were two giant lions, some other statues and then a big obelisk with King Leopold I on top. The lions made me think of Gryffindor. I’m a loser.
-We saw another cool church. It had a big dome on top and we saw it from like a mile and a half away and made the decision that we’d go check it out. There were some cool gardens along the way, which was neat.
-After that, we took a left and found ourselves in the Brussels red light district. It had half-naked women dancing in the windows with red lights. So I assume that’s what it is. There was a scary looking guy in one of the rooms. I glanced in and he folded his arms. It kinda scared me. He looked angry.
-Once we were through the red light area, we headed back toward Grand Place with no idea where it was. We found it, though. I took a picture of some cool “art” on the way back. It was a bunch of silver pillars with orbs on top. I don’t know why it’s art, but it was fascinating to me for some reason.
-We then came back to the hotel, I checked some Sugar Bowl stuff, then we went to eat. Got some ribs at Amadeo…which apparently is “The place for ribs.” It was delicious. Our waiter – Johnny – seemed to take a liking to us. I tipped him three euros on a €34,70 tab. Apparently slightly less than 10% is very generous in Europe. I like that.
-Now we’re enjoying some Chimay in the room before heading out. It’s delicious.
-And last night, me and Bud went bowling. It was wild. I won both games…just sayin’.
-Hope you guys are having fun back home. We are partying here. Not like these people, but kinda…

-And here’s a European party vid courtesy of Bud’s sister.

-LET’S GO BEARCATS. I’m ready to celebrate a little Mardy Gras.

Party Mardy!



~ by nchaney3 on December 30, 2009.

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