Two posts in two days?!!?

Yeah…that’s right. Because I know you goobers won’t read this if I don’t. Don’t think I have forgotten January 2, 2010. You know, the day where I had ZERO views for a whole day. I’m still perturbed. But let’s not harp on the negative. Instead, why don’t we all enjoy my latest post! But it’ll be a few paragraphs before anything fun or funny…I’m angry with my Bearcats.

-I have stood by Mick Cronin for his entire tenure at Cincinnati. I’ve made plenty of excuses to my friends, defended Mick when they tore him down and held out hope for him. After the UConn game, I was excited. That win was only 15 days ago. Seems like 15 years. After underachieving to beat Rutgers by seven and winning against Cal State Bakersfield (why would you ever schedule this game in the middle of conference play?), the Bearcats drop two games to two teams that would be lucky to fight for a spot in the Big East tourney this season.
Both games, they make terrible decisions, turn the ball over far too much, and miss a lot of free throws. The only thing I can’t point my finger at Micky C. for is the free throws. I don’t care if Cashmere Wright is starting his first season at point or if L. Stephenson is a freshman. Even before “crunch time”, they are making terrible mistakes. Everyone else is, too. There has to be some point where a coach manages to get his team past that. Good coaching can prevent mental lapses out on the court. Look at John Calipari. He’s working with a freshman point guard and a very young team. They make mistakes that are characteristic of young players, but they don’t do it over and over again. They build off of their mistakes, learn from them and get better. Maybe that’s because Cal lets them stay in and work past it. Big brother makes a great point: Mick gives his players no chance to get into a rhythm. Make a mistake, sit on the bench. No chance to redeem yourself. No rhythm for your team.
I’m beginning to think he’s like the Ron Zook of college basketball: an A+ recruiter and a C+ (at best) coach. Thank God I went downtown to see Spring Awakening last night (which was outstanding) instead of watching that train wreck. I’m still holding out hope, but they need to get things on the right track if they want to make it to the Dance. They missed out on two chances to pad the BE record. Now they need to get the wins against tough teams and get some Ws in the BE Tourney. If not, no Big Dance. And anything less than that this season is a failure.

-Big win for Mizzou last night. After Big 12 home teams had been 114-1 this season, Texas and Kansas fend off upset bids from Iowa State and Nebraska, and Mizzou defeats a pesky Texas Tech team in OT. And what a game it was. Mizzou pisses away an eight-point lead with 1:10 to go. Inexcusable. I credit Tech for fighting to the finish and making big play after big play to keep their foot in the door when Mizzou tried to slam it shut. That being said, Mizzou came about as close to blowing it as they possibly could.
But they got the win. Impressive showing by a somewhat young squad. Especially considering they lost one senior leader in Z. Taylor to fouls in regulation and the undisputed team leader when JT Tiller fouled out in OT. After all the momentum was in Tech’s corner, the Tigers came out and got the first four points of the extra period and fought of a great effort, especially by the Red Raiders’ John Roberson (25 points, all after halftime), to get the win. And how about M. Denmon showing up with 20 points? I think this team has a lot of bright spots. Should be fun to watch them down the stretch.

Now that I’ve given you my thoughts on my two favorite teams, I will touch on a few other things.
-John Wall gets all the pub, but John Scheyer is as solid a point guard as you’re going to find in college basketball. Jay Bilas has him on his Midseason All-America Team, and deservedly so. Scheyer isn’t even a true point guard, but he leads the nation with a 4.8 : 1 assist to turnover ratio. He’s hitting 46% from the field, along with 41% from three-land and 91% from the line. It’s about time Johnny gets some attention.
-Here’s a great read on some college basketball you probably didn’t know about.
-Mark Titus has now made me an Ohio State basketball fan.

My highlights: :57, 1:20, 1:25, 1:50-2:15, 2:25-2:30, 2:42, 3:03…to name a few.



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