I love Twitter

– I used to think it was stupid. Just a glorified facebook status. I’ve changed my mind. I absolutely love twitter. It’s always one of the first two or three sites I check whenever I get online. And it’s actually legitimately informative on several levels. And it can be really funny, too. So, Twitter, I apologize. I was too quick to judge you.

– Following Chad Ochocinco on twitter is fun, too. For all the crap he gets, he seems to be a genuinely good guy. He’ll tweet telling complete strangers to meet him at a restaurant and will treat them all to lunch or dinner. He tells you his xBox gamer tag so you can play Call of Duty with him on xBox Live.
And he’s doing one of the coolest things I’ve heard of an athlete doing in a long while. He gave eight or so fans a chance to go on a road trip with him to Miami. Then he’ll fly them back to their homes from Miami after the four-day trip. Everything’s on him. The only catch: they have to do volunteer work with him along the way. Absolutely awesome. Reach out to your fans and have them reach out to the less fortunate while you do the same. Hats off to you, Chad.

– As I sit here and enjoy Championship Sunday, I can’t help but think that the Jets might be better than I ever gave them credit for. But I’m sick of hearing about Mark Sanchez leading the way and his “poise” in the playoffs. Last week’s “poised” performance: 12/23 for 100 yards, a TD and an interception. The defense and the running game is the only reason NY is still here. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they win in spite of him, but it’s not all that far off. I think Pete Carroll was right last year when he questioned his decision to leave. But I guess it’s working for the Sanchise, eh? And he’s having himself a game today. Maybe I’m wrong. But his second TD under pressure…impressive.

– The only thing that sucks about football: the lack of action. They get a break between every single play. People say soccer is boring (I disagree with that) and football’s better. In soccer, there is ninety minutes of action. How is that boring? In football, there’s only 11 minutes of action.

– Good stuff with the Haiti telethon Friday night. The last total I heard was $57 million and counting. It’s amazing what celebrities can do when they come together for a cause. Hell, maybe Obama should just have a telethon to try and get the U.S. out of debt. Get George Clooney, Ellen, Stevie Wonder, Julia Roberts and all those other people manning the phone lines. Just a thought. But, in all seriousness, it was impressive to see them come together and work to help the people of Haiti. Absolutely tragic what happened down there and my heart goes out to them.
Roommate Swan and I thoroughly enjoyed Madonna’s musical performance. Thought she sounded kinda crappy, but the choir she had backing her up was the bee’s knees.

– And, that same night, Little Guy’s girlfriend brought over Clue for us to play. But it wasn’t just Clue – oh no…it was HARRY POTTER Clue. Bad ass? I do think so. The first time we played, we had a bunch of people over so we had to do teams. Little Guy and I won. It was Draco Malfoy with the Sleeping Drought in the Library. Unfortunately, Saturday night I was not so lucky. Swan made an accusation no one could prove wrong, so I booked it to the Dumbledore’s Office to make my final accusation. Of course, I was off by one card. Turns out it was Dolores Umbridge with Petrificus Totalus in the Library. I think I guessed Impedimenta instead. I was oh so close.
**For those of you who think I just wasted a minute or so of your life, I apologize. But, as I said way back in my second post, I talk about stupid stuff in my life that probably no one else cares about.**

– This University of Cincinnati basketball team is extraordinarily frustrating. They piss away the game against St. John’s, come back home and shut down Notre Dame for a big win. Then Yancy Gates continues to frustrate in a win over South Florida this week. The Bearcats’ big man played only 10 minutes and committed four fouls. Even so, they win virtually without him (and completely without Born Ready). But if they want to play with the big boys in the BE, they need him. After getting the win over the Bulls, they have a chance to put a good win on their tourney resume today at Freedom Hall against Louisville. They jump out to an 11-point lead early in the first half, squander it, trail by one at the half and then lose the game by eight. From what I heard when I was listening online, it seemed like the Bearcats were stagnant in the halfcourt. But they shoot over 40% from the field, including 50% from deep and lose? Yeah, because they let the Cards shoot 44% and commit 19 fouls. They need to figure a lot of things out if they don’t want to be an afterthought come March. 4-4 in the Big East isn’t going to do much, and their only notable wins out of conference are Vandy and Maryland – two teams that are looking good in their respective conferences right now, but also two teams that aren’t ranked and will probably drop quite a few as the play the better teams in league play. The UConn win is looking better after the Huskies took down a sliding Texas squad last night, but league wins against Rutgers and USF aren’t going to open many eyes. They need to get some statement wins as league play wears on. They get some good chances: Syracuse, at UConn, at West Virginia, Villanova and at G’Town. Play well and get a couple wins out of those five, along with winning the games you’re supposed to, and you have an argument on Selection Sunday.

– Because I mentioned them, how bad did Louisville get jobbed last week at Seton Hall. Some downright awful officiating to end the game. Inexcusable.

– Hey ‘Sheed…NOT UP IN HERE!

– The Big 12 is going to be very, very fun to watch this year. Kansas is good as always, Texas, if it can get its swagger back, is very good, K-State is strong, Mizzou, OK State and even Oklahoma are showing a lot, too. It’s going to be an absolute log jam in the Big 12 this season. K-State knocks Texas from the top, then OK State goes into Manhattan and knocks of the Wildcats. Mizzou beats K-State at home then goes to Texas Tech and almost blows a quality win and loses to Oklahoma a week later. Eight teams in the league have records of 14-5 or better and even the four teams at the bottom are still giving the best teams tough games. Nebraska had a one-point halftime lead against Kansas. Colorado took Kansas State down to the wire. Texas A&M lost to Texas in overtime. Iowa State only lost to the Longhorns by seven. It’s going to exciting to watch this season unfold.

– Mizzou gets a quality win over a very good defensive team in Nebraska yesterday at Mizzou Arena. They won by 17 but the game was much closer than that. Nebraska slowed the game down for most of the first half and made it very difficult for the Tigers on offense. They didn’t turn the ball over and the shot around 45% for the game. And they lost by 17 points. Miguel Paul stepped up big off the bench for MU with 15 points. I still can’t bring myself to really like him, but more games like yesterday’s could change that. But a hard-fought win for the Tigers. They need to be a little sharper for Big Monday, though. A win in Lawrence tomorrow means that it’s Missouri with the longest home winning streak in the country. kU’s is at 53 right now, but Mizzou’s got theirs up to 31 now. I’m excited. Hopefully they don’t lay an egg like they did last year.

– Kentucky is that good. After being absent from the top spot since 2003 and being rendered a relatively normal program during that span, they should be #1 tomorrow when the polls come out. They absolutely manhandled Arkansas yesterday. Just demolished them. Take a look at the game flow from ESPN.com:

This puts the shellacking into perspective.

Everyone’s saying they’re definitely going to slip up at some point in conference play. I disagree. I think they have a legitimate shot at a perfect season. A very legitimate shot. I really, really do not like UK, so it pains me to say it, but they are that good. And they’re back on top.

– Duke bounces back in a big way after losing to NC State this week. Clemson is no push-over and they play well in Little John Coliseum, but the Blue Devils took the crowd out and were in control for much of the second half. They’ve finally got some inside presence to compliment their outside game. This Duke team has a chance to make some noise come March and April. Nolan Smith has scored in double digits in all but one game this season and I will stand by my assertion that John Scheyer is the best point guard in the nation. And you can never, ever sleep on a team coached by Mike Krzyzewski.

– Big win for Huggins’ Mountaineers over my main man and new favorite basketball player Mark Titus and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Two huge wins for the Big East with UConn and WVU getting the victories. I will always pull for the Mountaineers because I love Huggy Bear. West Virginia is another dangerous team to keep an eye on.

– If Chris “Birdman” Andersen doing a bird call doesn’t make you want to sleep on these mattresses, I am not sure what is wrong with you.

– We’ve been quoting The Hangover like crazy in my house since we got back from break. We especially love quoting Ken Jeong, who plays Leslie Chow. We especially enjoy these two scenes. But last night, we saw the deleted scenes of Mr. Chow. Rarely have I laughed harder. There are curse words and such, so click at your own risk…

– We also love Jay Sean’s hit single “Down.” And I love Hitch. And if you’ve ever seen Hitch, you know about the dancing “comfort zone.” Well, I also love the “comfort zone.” And Jay Sean “Down” is the absolute perfect song for the “comfort zone.” Check it out for yourself. The “comfort zone” comes at about the 1:27 mark in this video (but the whole thing is really funny and I recommend watching it):

Now click play on this video and stand up and start getting into the “comfort zone” and tell me the song and dance weren’t made for each other. They’re perfect.

– Now I’m going to go and enjoy the Saints/Vikings game. I’m taking the Saints to win it, 34-20. If they do win, I then project the first ever pick ’em Super Bowl in history. But the oddsmakers in Vegas will probably change it over and over again for two weeks. Regardless, I really don’t want to see Brett Favre in the Super Bowl. Who Dat.



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