Devan Downey

Just snap reactions to Kentucky’s first loss of the season to Downey and the Gamecocks:
– Devan Downey and Deonta Vaughn could have been a dangerous backcourt back in Cincy.
– Downey missed 20 field goals. I was aware of it the entire time, even with his unbelievable performance. It made it ten times more exciting for me because he surprised me every time.
– Devan Downey is only 5’9″. How many guys that size can average over 30 points in one of college basketball’s best conferences?
– DeMarcus Cousins is good. I said his temper and laziness would hurt him once things got tougher in conference play. He has 11 double-doubles this season, with an absolutely dominant performance tonight. Oops. I take the laziness/temper comment back.
Pat Forde makes a very good observation about those two:

“Cousins is like Downey, only in reverse. Both do things that defy their size. Downey’s ability to drive and score against players more than a foot taller is amazing. Cousins’ ability to spin, float and score at 6-foot-11, 260 pounds is similarly amazing.”

– I just saw at the bottom of Forde’s observation that S. Carolina shot 34% and only had six assists as a team. But they won. That’s as improbable as a 5’9″ guard absolutely dominating a game like this. So, when you look at it like that, it’s pretty likely.
– ESPN used a pun on its College Basketball homepage: “Number one goes Downey.” Ha. Clever.
– Can’t find a picture of it (mostly because I’m lazy), but the S. Carolina student section knows how to rush a floor. That celebration was legit.
– John Wall may have looked like a freshman at times tonight, but he still had the flashes of brilliance we’ve seen all season. Like that and-1 toward the end of the game. Kid’s the real deal.
– I said UK had a legitimate chance to go undefeated. I also said I really, really don’t like UK. If my believing in their ability means they lose, I believe they will win every game for the rest of my life.
– That was one hell of a game. And a hell of a double-header for ESPN tonight. I love college basketball.
That’s all.

Don’t answer your phone at this guy’s comedy show.

G’night. Altiora.


~ by nchaney3 on January 27, 2010.

One Response to “Devan Downey”

  1. Nick,

    The entire blog is great. Very informative and entertaining.

    Aunt Patti

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