“Welcome to English Class!”

– I AM BACK. After a sixteen day absence (the longest in the history of TAC), I have returned to give my loyal readers something to enjoy. So, in advance, you are welcome.

– For starters, Happy 19th Birthday to my Little Sis. She made it. I hope she’s enjoying her big day.

Since I’ve been away for so long, I assume you heard plenty of discussion about what’s happened for the last two weeks, so I will start with some more recent happenings:
– Big win for Mizzou. Maybe a bigger loss for Texas, though. The ‘Horns are slipping, and slipping bad. For all the talent they have on that squad, there is no reason they look as bad as they did in Mizzou Arena last night.
Think about it: Damion James, Dexter Pittman, Dogus Balbay, J’Covan Brown, Jordan Hamilton. There’s five guys that have ridiculous talent. Yet they never looked anywhere close to good last night.
Alarming for Longhorns fans: Balbay and Pittman combined for just two points in 38 minutes. Pittman looked especially terrible. I remember at least three times he got position, had an easy look and traveled. No excuse for him having happy feet like that against a team with no legitimate inside presence.
Encouraging for Longhorns fans: Jordan Hamilton dropped 24 points in only 25 minutes. And he’s a freshman. So that’s exciting.
Now on to Mizzou: they only made two three-pointers and shot 15% behind the arc. This time thrives on the outside shot. Yet they still won. They outrebounded Texas in the first half. They got the UT big men and their guards out of their comfort zones with the “Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball.” They got to the line 29 times and made 24 of them while Texas went 10-19. They were still outrebounded for the game, but they showed they can play well even if there is a mismatch or three on the floor. That’s why Mike Anderson’s coaching philosophy works. He doesn’t need good match-ups all over the floor. He just needs his guys playing his style. Nine Tigers logged double-digit minutes last night. Every one of them scored.
Keith Ramsey was an animal. All over the offensive glass en route to a double-double with 12 and 11. That’s the kind of production you want from him and you should realistically be able to expect.
Kim English was an absolute stud. Mike Anderson called it the most productive 23 minutes he’s played since he’s been at MU. He was in a zone. When he plays like that, look out. Welcome to English Class, kids.
This Mizzou team is going to be a tough out for anyone come March.
I couldn’t find this year’s intro, but I love DeMarre in last year’s, so here:

– USA Today says Cincinnati is out of the tournament on their latest Bubble Watch. That’s fine with me. But you’re USA Today. There is no excuse for using the old Cincinnati logo on your website. Pitiful.

This is awesome. “Boom.”

– Basketball is a contact sport. This type of contact isn’t expected. Ouch.

– Detention can be worth it. My kid would get some sort of treat if he dropped this line:

I don't care who you are...that's funny right there.

– We apparently have a National Texting Championship. Some girl from Iowa won.
Apparently it’s no easy task, either. This is how she won it all:

“The phrase that won Moore the championship — a phrase which took her less than 60 seconds to type — was ‘Zippity Dooo Dahh Zippity Ayy…My oh MY, what a wonderful day! Plenty of sunshine Comin’ my way…ZippittyDooDahZippityAay! Wonderful feeling, Wonderful day!'”

But my favorite part of the whole thing is the trophy.

This trophy is awesome.

– Little Guy and I love this dance. But this little guy here does it better than either of us for sure.

Gotta go surprise Little Sis for her birthday. Hope you’ve enjoyed my return.


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