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This semester is out of control. I am absolutely swamped with classes and projects. I apologize, but it has kept me from updating TAC for my faithful readers. A special shout-out to @amicks_beard for the kick in the pants to get my priorities straight. Lucky for everyone, though, I am BAAAAACK (again).

– Let’s start with the Cincinnati Bearcats. A possible bubble-bursting loss on Sunday against Marquette left more Bearcat fans questioning Mick Cronin’s coaching decisions.
First off, Marquette’s success is amazing to me. Buzz Williams’ ability to have a team in the upper tier of the Big East with the tallest guy getting significant playing time standing at 6’7″ is astounding. He deserves a boatload of credit.
That brings me to my next point: What happened to Yancy Gates? He’s 6’9″ and was 6-for-9 from the field when Mick sent him to the bench with around 12 minutes to go. And he doesn’t return to the game. Mick says it’s because he wasn’t doing too well defensively. Last I checked, Lazar Heyward was essentially a non-factor until the last couple minutes. Even so, they still have the ball with no shot clock and have a chance to draw up a play in a timeout. What do they come up with? Five guys standing around and Cashmere Wright throwing up a terrible three. Maybe if Yancy’s in the game they can throw it in to him, considering he’s at least two inches taller than anyone playing for Marquette. Maybe.
But, they still played a good game against a quality team. And at the end of overtime, they executed beautifully and got a great look for Deonta Vaughn. Can’t ask for a much better play. Just a shame Deonta couldn’t knock it down.

Has anyone seen this man? He went MIA last Sunday.

-Then they play a completely uninspired game against DePaul on Wednesday night, but it was a win. A big one, even though it was only DePaul. As Pat Forde said, “When on bubble, all wins are (big).” Huge double-double from Born Ready. He needs to do something to get his confidence back up if they want to have a chance to make it to the Dance.

– Mizzou looked great against Colorado on Wednesday. Huge loss for them, though, when Justin Safford went down with an ACL injury. Speculation is he’s done for the season. He had chalked up eight points in the seven-and-a-half minutes he played before the injury. If he’s done, the Tigers are going to need to look for some quality minutes from John Underwood. Or my main man Steve Moore.
And they’ll need them quickly. The Tigers head to Manhattan, KS, and the “Octagon of Doom” on Saturday. If they win, that means they knock K-State out of second place in the Big 12. Huge game, to say the least.

– Everyone says Tiger was insincere. I disagree. I think he meant what he said and the way he chose to do it was smart. It allowed him to cover all the points he felt he needed to cover. You can’t wing a 13-minute speech. That was smart. Get everything out there. I feel like a Q&A might have gone a long way, but I’m not going to speculate.
And, for anyone who knows anything about Tiger, you know that wasn’t easy for him. He’s the ultimate perfectionist and he doesn’t want anyone in his personal life. He came out and told the world he messed up. Considering the way he is, I think that was pretty big.
All that said, I just want him back on the course. I’m a golf fan. I’m not saying I condone what he did or that I’d ever do it. But golf needs him. I love it with or without him. I love it more with him. But there are so many people that only watch because he’s in the field. It’s unfortunate, but if the PGA wants to keep its success, they need him back ASAP.
Oh yeah…you can add Gatorade to the list of sponsors that dropped him.

– Thanks to the rednecks who made my school look like a bunch of rednecks. This is absolutely unacceptable and offensive. Not okay, not funny, not acceptable. I hope they find the ignorant hillbillies that did it.

– Okay, Canada. Your women may have gotten the best of us in women’s hockey, but we took it to you in the women’s team pursuit. So ha!

– Did you see that guy with the “Hurricane”? It was downright INSANE. And it only got him a silver. I don’t get it. I wish I could find a video for you. But I do have another cool in-air thing. Kinda old, but still awesome.
“He did it twice in the air!”

– How about the U.S. Hockey Team. Big time win over Canada on Sunday. Then they absolutely spank Finland today against the best goalie in the Olympics. Six goals in the first period after Finland had given up only four goals for the whole tournament prior to that. I’d been saying Canada would spank the U.S. if they met up in the gold medal match. Today’s game makes me think otherwise. If Canada beats Slovakia, Sunday’s gold medal match could be a doozy.

– Both John Mania v2 and Last Minute will probably miss the playoffs. First time in my collegiate intramural career. One more game for JMv2 on Sunday, though. I hope to go out with a bang.
Current one-armed embrace count: three.

– Two things that piss me off came up in conversation with a friend of mine as I drove back to Columbia last weekend, so I will share them with you.
First, I absolutely hate when you’re driving on the highway and it says there are gas stations and restaurants off an exit. Then, when you get off said exit, you have to drive another five or ten minutes to get to said gas stations or restaurants. If that’s the case, let me know when I see the sign on the highway two miles before the exit. It’s common courtesy. What if I’m almost out of gas and, instead of driving to the BP two miles away right off the next exit, I choose to get off the first exit. Then, I find no gas stations and run out of gas while following the signs? Apparently, the people who make signs for some exits don’t think about that.
Second, I will get on my soap box real quick. I hate teachers that hinder learning. I understand you need to teach and test the students to make sure they’re following everything you’re teaching. But nothing pisses me off more than a teacher who gives busy work and tests you on stupid little things. The important thing is education, and school should never, ever get in the way of that. One of my favorite quotes of all time (I think it’s from Mark Twain):

“Don’t let school get in the way of your education.”

If you remember anything I ever write, remember that.

It’s Chipotle Friday, though, so I’m gonna go enjoy a burrito with @parkerleppien, @gooseyfreshh and @theScheeseman.

I leave you with this: the inspiration for today’s title. And the coolest NBA commercial since they aired these during the playoffs.



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