It’s supposed to be in the 50s and sunny all weekend here in Columbia. I don’t have my golf clubs. I am kicking myself like crazy. I didn’t have room when I came back from winter break, but I’ve made two trips home in the month and a half since then. And I forgot to bring them back both times. After the ridiculous weather throughout February, I really didn’t see the 50s (and 60s) coming. But we’re expecting both in the next week. Unbelievable. Hopefully weather will be better in Cincy when I’m back for Spring Break so I can hit the links (maybe with Little Guy and family after @bryce_stuck’s wedding). But enough about me, let’s get to talking about other stuff.

– Since I opened with golf, I guess we’ll go Tiger to open up. He’s back in Florida and on the range at Iselworth CC. Sources say he’s trying to get back into a routine that includes fitness and golf. According to Charles Howell III, it won’t take much for him to get back:

“…he looked as good as he ever has. Seriously, he seemed like he was hitting the same as he ever did. I watched him hit about five or six drivers, and it looked like they all ended up in a 10-yard area. I said to myself, ‘It looks like he’s hitting it pretty good.'”

John Daly said in an phone interview on SportsCenter that he doesn’t think it’ll take much for Tiger to “get his game back.” I agree. A lay-off can really hurt some golfers. Especially casual golfers. Tiger’s not a “casual golfer.” He’s the best golfer in the world.
BUT, the last time he had a big lay-off because of personal reasons (his father’s death), he missed the cut at the U.S. Open at Winged Foot – his first missed cut at a major in his entire professional career. But that was different, if you ask me. Golf was what really bonded Tiger and his dad. This time, I feel like Tiger can take solace in golf. It’s an escape from everything. Sure, everyone will still ask him questions before and after the rounds, and you’ll have the people who will probably yell some choice words in his direction while he’s out there. But, Tiger is so focused on the task at hand when he’s on the course, I think he tunes it out and uses golf as his escape.
Besides, once he wins a major, a lot of people will forget about it. Jack thinks he’ll be back for Augusta and a Tradition Unlike Any Other…

“I can’t imagine in 100 years he’s going to miss Augusta.”

I agree with Jack. Tiger’ll be back for one event prior, then he’ll take Augusta National by storm and he’ll win his fifth green jacket. Yep…I said it.

Now let’s move on to a little basketball because I love basketball. Like this kid…

– Upsetting loss for the Bearcats on Senior Night this Tuesday. Even more upsetting turnout during the Senior Night activities for Deonta Vaughn and Steve Toyloy. More Vaughn than Toyloy. No disrespect to Steve, but Deonta Vaughn has been Bearcat basketball for the last four years. He could’ve transferred like Devan Downey and gone on to dominate somewhere else. Instead, he decided he was going to make the best out of a bad situation. He did everything and more for his first three years here. He was asked to do way too much. And he did it. An underwhelming Senior Night is more than upsetting, in my opinion.
As for the game, it was another inspired effort by one of the most frustrating teams I’ve ever watched.
They shot 53% from the field inside the three-point line. Beyond the arc? 7-30. Good enough for 23%. This team’s offense too often consists of a lot of standing around and throwing up bad perimeter shots. With the likes of Lance and Cashmere Wright, you should be able to get in the lane. And with Yancy down there, it should mean a lot of easy buckets.
But Yancy’s more frustrating than this entire team. He manages to hit all seven of his free throws. But he grabs only one defensive rebound. That’s unacceptable. He’s 6’9″ and a stud athlete. He looks completely uninterested way too often. He has all the tools to be an all-Big East player. He’s far from that. Remember the Yancy we saw in Maui earlier this season? Where’d he go? Remember the Cincinnati team we saw in Maui earlier this season? Where’d they go? I think there might be some sort of correlation between Yancy’s effort and this team’s success. And I hate to say it, because, as of right now, I think he’s turning out to be a waste of talent.
You can deal with losses to teams like Villanova or West Virginia or Syracuse. Those are three of the best teams in Big East and the entire country. They showed a lot of mettle against those teams. They played each one of them tough. They’re expected to lose to those teams. Those teams are the best in the conference. They’ve done fine against the bottom feeders. They’ve lost to each of the top four teams. But they need to set themselves apart from the “middle of the pack.” Cincy’s 4-5 against the seven teams bunched in the middle. That’s wins against UConn (2), Notre Dame (at home), and South Florida (at home). So their only legitimate road win in conference was at Connecticut. Losses at Lousiville, at ND, at S. Florida, at Seton Hall and at home to Marquette. They should win against USF and Seton Hall. They had all the opportunities they needed to beat Marquette. Just looking in conference, they should win at least two of those games, and they shouldn’t lose to St. John’s (especially considering the finish to that game). That makes them 10-7 in conference, 19-10 overall. If that’s the case, they control their own destiny right now. Instead, they need to beat G’Town on the road (they’re 2-8 on the road this season, by the way) and make a deep run in the Big East tourney to even get themselves back into legitimate discussion as a tourney team.
-One pleasure I do take in this Bearcat squad is listening to the radio broadcast. I love the way Dan and Chuck work together when they call the game. I wouldn’t say they’re a hall of fame type broadcast team, but I cannot get enough of it. As I sit here, the ‘Cats trail G’Town by 25 and I can still enjoy it because I enjoy listening to them. It’s just a shame this squad is sucking so bad right now. Oh well.
-Word is Mick’ll be back next year. That’s fine with me. I’m not necessarily thrilled, but if he can capitalize on the positives this team has shown this season, things could be awesome. But the first time he uses the “youth” excuse next season, I’m done.
Let’s just hope he can get Born Ready back to being Born Ready:

Even though the Bearcats got spanked by the Hoyas today, Lance once again showed flashes of brilliance. He was the only bright spot in a terrible game. 23 points and seven boards. The only Bearcat in double-figures.

-Big game today for Mizzou. It’d be a lot bigger if it weren’t for Zaire “Big Shot” Taylor. A loss to Iowa State could have damaged their tourney hopes.

Unfortunately I won’t be there today, but I trust my fellow Mizzou students and fans will give Zaire, JT Tiller and Keith Ramsey the ovation they deserve. Those three guys have been outstanding, and they deserve a great send-off. It’ll be tough to go out with a win against a very good Kansas team, but I think they can do it. They have everything to play for. Kansas has nothing to play for. I think the Tigers can pull it out. Hopefully I’m right.
**UPDATE: I was way off. The Tigers looked legit for about 23-27 total minutes. The Jayhawks made them look like a high school JV team the other 13. Gotta feel for the three seniors to have to go out like that.
But what a block by my main man Steve Moore in the first half. That’s what is keeping a smile on my face at this point. The video below is still awesome, by the way.**

Game time is near, so that’s all I’ve got. Here’s an awesome video.
Remember the guys that made this one?

They did this one now. And it’s equally as awesome.

Go Tigers. And Go Duke, too.


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