Happy Selection Sunday!

I think we can all agree that Championship Week has been absolutely amazing. Some highlights for me:
-Cincinnati winning their first ever Big East Tourney game.
-Cincinnati beating Louisville. Even if it didn’t matter in the long run, it’s always awesome watching the Bearcats beat the Cardinals.
-Montana coming back from 22 down to beat Weber State and go to the Big Dance.
-Minnesota’s improbable run to the Big Ten title game, especially the throttling they put on Purdue in the semis. 11 points in the first half? Wow.
-DeMarcus Cousins making that lay-up as time expired in regulation to tie the SEC Championship game. And the ensuing celebration. Not because it was fun, but because it was ridiculous. They didn’t even win the game and they should’ve handled MSU with no problem. But didn’t.
-Ohio U. running through the MAC Tourney for a bid.
-Evan Turner’s buzzer beater against Michigan.

-I don’t even want to mention the other memorable buzzer beater. Mo Egger did a great job explaining how I think most Cincy fans felt (scroll down a bit to “Lovechild, Never Meant to Be”).

Now that one of the best weeks of the year is over, it’s time for Selection Sunday. I absolutely love March Madness, and this week has done a great job kicking it off.
The Selection Show is about 21 or 22 minutes away. How fun. I’m going to give you my projections for what I think we should see at the top of the hour.
-Kansas will get the overall #1 seed. I don’t see a chance for anything otherwise. They lost to Tennessee, just like Kentucky, but their second loss (to OK State) is much better than UK’s second loss (South Carolina). And Kentucky really struggled in the SEC title game while the Jayhawks were in control throughout the Big 12 title game against a much tougher opponent in Kansas State.
-The other #1 seeds will be taken by Kentucky, Duke and West Virginia. I don’t understand how you justify anything else. Everyone’s talking about Syracuse. West Virginia’s been better down the stretch and they won the Big East tournament. I don’t see how you can put the Orange ahead of the Mountaineers. Ohio State gets consideration, but no way you put the Buckeyes ahead of those other #1s, or even Syracuse. Even if they did win the Big Ten tourney title.
-The play of the Duke big men in Greensboro makes me think they might be a title contender. Everyone’s gonna talk about Cole Aldrich and Kansas or DeMarcus Cousins and Kentucky, but the Plumlee brothers and Brian Zoubek are showing me something. And the Blue Devils’ defense is really good. They can withstand bad games offensively and still win. That hasn’t been the case in the past.
-There are some dangerous “mid-majors” in the field this year. Watch out for three squads from the A-10 – Xavier, Temple and Richmond – as well as a very good Butler team, and a great defensive squad in Norhern Iowa.
-I got almost every prediction spot on back in my Championship Week post. If only Richmond could’ve pulled out the upset in the Atlantic 10 title game, I’d have been perfect. I’m especially proud of my correct Patriot League prediction. How ’bout them Lehigh Mountain Hawks?!
-Now, because I need to post these predictions before the field is announced, I give you my Final Four right now. I’m not going to be too crazy, but I have a reputation to uphold after my great conference tournament picks last week.
-Bob Huggins hasn’t been the greatest coach when March rolls around. He just about never wins games like his team won in the Big East Tourney. But his Mountaineers did win those games this season. Da’Sean Butler and Devin Ebanks are good. So is this WVU team. I think Huggs gets to his first Final Four with his alma mater.
-Kansas is loaded. They can beat you in so many ways. They can play fast and athletic, they can slow it down and play big, and they can transition between the different styles almost seamlessly. I think they’re better than the 2008 National Championship squad.
-I think North Carolina could rep…oh wait. They’re just hoping for an NIT berth. Haha. It’s funny cuz I like Duke.
-Jim Boeheim made a great point after the Orange lost to Georgetown. Big East teams understand how to attack the zone after they’ve seen it during the season. They probably don’t run into a conference foe before Indy. I think, if Onuaku comes back, that Syracuse gets to the Final Four and has a good chance to win it.
-Kentucky’s good. Their inexperience will catch up with them, though. They don’t get to Indy.
-Duke finally gets back to the Final Four. Scheyer, Singler and Smith are very, very good. The Plumlee boys and Zoubek are stepping up. The Dukies can overcome the deficiencies that sent them packing the last few years.
So there it is.
And the Masters is right around the corner. AWESOME!


~ by nchaney3 on March 14, 2010.

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