Scott Rolen

Heck of a game last night in St. Louis. An even better game as a Reds fan, considering the final tally favored the Redlegs. With the win, the wishbone ‘C’ is back atop the NL Central and the Cards sit alone in second place.

Second place is lonely. (photo, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

A few things from last night’s game.
-Anyone who doubted the Scott Rolen trade is changing their tune now. Rolen had only one multi-HR game over his last five seasons. With Cincinnati this year, he’s already got three of them through 52 games. He was huge last night. Two HR, a double and four RBI. As Mo Egger said, “A man who does not love Scott Rolen is not a man.”
-Joey Votto came back after missing six games with a stiff neck. The rust was gone pretty quickly. Votto went 4-5, including a towering HR to center field, a triple and one RBI. And a couple good scoops at first base. Votto has gotten a lot better fielding short-hops. If he doesn’t make the All-Star team this year, it’s a freaking crime.
-Brandon Phillips might frustrate you with his seemingly limitless potential, but that double play in the ninth last night isn’t one that many second basemen make. We’re lucky to have one that can.
-Jonny Gomes was his usual clutch self at the plate, but I was more impressed with his defense. A heck of a catch at the warning track late in the game, as well as an outfield assist to get Felipe Lopez at the plate in the first inning. I know one run doesn’t seem like much in the first inning, but it’s pretty big in a 9-8 game.
-Arthur Rhodes extends his scoreless innings streak to 19 2/3 innings this season after leaving the bases loaded with a big time strikeout in the seventh. And his ERA is now down to a tidy 0.42.
-Nick Massett has been a train wreck on the mound this season. It looked like the trend was going to continue last night, then he gets a huge K to sit down Colby Rasmus (who seemed impossible to get out for much of last night) to strand two and get the ball to CoCo.
-A lot of people want to start the “Fire Dusty” crap every time the Reds lose. But he’s doing a better job with Scott Rolen than Tony LaRussa ever did. Heck, LaRussa even admitted it:

“Probably their manager is getting more out of him than I did. I know people are going to speculate that and it’s probably true. I’m sure it’s true.”

-Maybe it’s revenge that has the Reds so hot. Scott Rolen wants to beat the Cardinals after the discord between he and LaRussa. Walt Jocketty definitely wants to overtake the Cardinals after he built them up and left with little thanks. And, even though the Cubs blow, Dusty definitely likes the idea of being better than Chicago after the less than ideal departure from Wrigleyville. Revenge: the great motivator.
-He didn’t pitch last night, and he won’t pitch in St. Louis, but Mike Leake is the ace of this Redlegs squad. Make no doubt about it. And he’s finally getting some much-deserved pub. USA Today ran a story on Leake on the front of the sports page today.
-Tough match-up tonight. The Reds are going to need some of the offense they flashed last night against Chris Carpenter this evening. It’d be especially helpful for Sam LeCure, making only his second major league start. Especially considering the added pressure of a sort-of homecoming. LeCure went to Helias High School in Jefferson City, Mo., home of the Crusaders. Perhaps some of my buddies from school will be pulling for LeCure tonight, considering they’re Helias alums. I know @jacadice, @treystuck and @amicks_beard may be Cardinals fans, but I think a little ‘Sader Pride needs to take over for a night.
That’s all for the first place Reds for right now.

-The Marlins are selling their unsold tickets to Roy Halladay’s perfect game. If that game was like any other Marlins home game this season, that probably leaves about 75% of stadium capacity available.

-For those of you that don’t consider yourselves “soccer savvy,” our friends at The Unlikely Fan have put together an American translation for the World Cup. I think the one I like most is the parallels between Ghana’s “Black Stars” and the Atlanta Hawks.

Two Indian brothers are 7’4″ and 7’2″ and they’ve taken the high school basketball scene by storm. 17-year-old Sim Bhullar is 7’4″ and can shoot the ‘J’. Good luck defending that. His 15-year-old brother Tanveer is a little more raw, but he’s coming on, too. And we thought Brook and Robin Lopez were a hell of a duo. Those two midgets are only seven feet tall.

-But I doubt either one of those guys can get the same type of hang time as this little girl. I’m pretty sure they have better parents, though.

-If I’m Mark McGwire, I probably wouldn’t consider steroids a bad thing. Even when the Missouri legislature is trying to take McGwire’s name off of a strip of I-70 near Busch Stadium, I doubt he cares too much when he’s going home to this.

Not bad, Big Mac.

-Argentina’s team doctor has told the team they have his blessing to have sex during the World Cup. The only restrictions, apparently, are that the sex “should not be at 2 a.m. with champagne and Havana cigars.” That leaves a lot of options open. Could you imagine if Tiger Woods had this Argentinian doctor at his side?

-Speaking of Tiger, I’m currently enjoying the Memorial Skins Game on Golf Channel. (Boy, do I wish we had Golf Channel at school. But this isn’t the venue for such a rant.) I love that these types of events are being televised. Not as cool to watch as the Master Par 3 Contest, but events like these give you the chance to see a more human side to the players. They always seem so superhuman during the tournaments, but this gives us a completely different look. I absolutely love it.

That’s all I’ve got for today, seeing as how I need to be somewhere 30 minutes away in about 25 minutes. I know the NBA Finals start tomorrow, so I will try to come back with more before that tips off. No guarantees. But I will leave you with a poll. Watch this video and answer the question below:



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