I’m too good to you.

Two posts in two days! Gosh. I am so great to you, loyal readers. Hopefully you enjoy this one, too.
I really need to come up with a systematic way to decide on titles for my blogs. You’d think it would be a breeze (and sometimes it can be), but it’s pretty freaking tough. Especially when I blog on the regular. So I propose a challenge to you, faithful readers: comment on this post with a clever way to come up with my blog names. Perhaps a word of the day, names of famous athletes, or whatever it is you might think works.

Now then, on to more pressing issues…

-Tough loss for the Redlegs last night. Sam LeCure pitched great. One earned run that wasn’t his fault at all and then the Cards finally got to him in the sixth. Even then, with the bases loaded, LeCure got an out before leaving it to the bullpen. But, overall, hats off to him. Even after Gomes handed the Cardinals a run in the fourth, he got out of the inning. He pitched out of jams in three or four of his 5.1 innings.
Even with all of that, LeCure looked like he was about to get in position for a no-decision in the seventh after Rolen singled in Phillips and Jay Bruce had runners on the corners with nobody out. But, after Ludwick gets a garbage hit into shallow right in the sixth, the Reds can’t get as lucky. Bruce hits a freaking scorcher that should’ve gotten through the hole on the right side of the infield…and it hits Scott Rolen. One away and a lot of momentum gone. That’s at least one more run if Bruce’s hit gets through. Instead, it kills momentum and then that momentum swings with a Holliday home run in the bottom half. It’s just unlucky.
Still, I’ll take one out of three in St. Louis, especially considering the Reds only have to see the Cards six more times all season. Leaving there in a tie for first place is nice.

-The NBA Finals tip off tonight. Lakers/Celtics once again. Here’s the Top 10 moments in the rivalry’s history.

The Zen Master is already at work with his mind games. And he’s the best around at playing the refs before any basketball is even played. Not only is he playing the refs, but he’s in the heads of Boston, too. It’s no wonder he’s the best NBA coach of all time.
This year’s L.A./Boston series is not the same match-up we saw in ’08. The Lakers are more mature. Kobe is more mature. Ever since that 39-point whupping the Celtics put on the Lakers in ’08, Kobe Bryant has never been more focused on winning. Gasol is far tougher than he was in that series. Andrew Bynum adds another big body in the middle for L.A. Ron Artest can shut down Paul Pierce. This Lakers squad is a lot different than the one Boston beat in six games in 2008.
The Celtics are different, too. Sure, they still have the “Big Three” and rely heavily on great team defense. But they have a new weapon in Rajon Rondo. I realize Rondo played in the 2008 Finals, but he’s a completely different animal now. Phil Jackson put Kobe on Rondo in that series in order to allow Kobe to take more risks defensively. If that’s the plan again this year, Rondo will make them pay. Big time. Rondo has developed into one of the best point guards in the league. Maybe the best. I wouldn’t take too many defensive risks if I were guarding him. The Celtics can also win without one of the Big Three stepping up. They know how to play without key players in the line-up. They can win if Pierce has an off game. They can win if KG has an off game. Could we say the same for the Lakers if Kobe or Pau struggle?
My gut is telling me to go with Boston in this series. They’ve been red hot in the playoffs. They’re beating teams handily. They’ve looked even better than the 2008 team did. But the Lakers are still the prohibitive favorites. Kobe is better than ever and they’ve got three seven-footers patrolling the lane. Kobe is a great defender – could he neutralize Rondo? A lot of variables to consider. You can break it down piece by piece and I still don’t think one side jumps out at you. All that being said, I’m going to go on record saying Boston takes the series in six again. And, based on my previous NBA Playoffs predictions, you can probably guarantee a Lakers title.

Ken Griffey, Jr. retired. That makes even me feel old. I can’t imagine how old the people who have followed his entire career feel. Griffey’s been in the majors since I was born back in 1989. As a young left-handed baseball player, I idolized Griffey. I wanted to swing the bat just like him. I wanted to be Ken Griffey, Jr. Unfortunately, I eventually grew to become scared of the ball and quit baseball for golf.
But Griffey was an icon. He brought baseball back to Seattle. He was the cleanest great player in what is viewed as a dirty era. He may have only been hitting .184 this season, but you can’t let that diminish all he’s done. It’s sad to see him go, but Ken Griffey, Jr. was a special part of baseball for the past 22 years. First unanimous Hall of Famer? I think he should be.

-Terrible what happened last night in Detroit. I feel bad for Armando Galarraga. He had a chance to make history taken away from him by a bad call. Like I said, I feel bad for him, even though he couldn’t have handled the situation any better. He’s a class act. Galarraga never once said a word to Jim Joyce.
This guy had a few choice words for him, though. I don’t know how he doesn’t just tell his kids to leave as soon as they start asking questions. But I’m probably going to be a crappy dad.

But Jim Joyce is the one I feel bad for. He’s been a great umpire for years and years. He immediately owned up for his mistake, apologized to Galarraga. He was tearing up as he paced the umpires’ locker room after the game. He’s receiving death threats. His son is even receiving death threats. After all the great work Jim Joyce has done in the majors, that’s what he’ll be remembered for. That’s truly unfortunate.

-A great piece here on Clint Dempsey and his expectations with the U.S. as opposed to Fulham (his club team). But Dempsey always comes through in big situations. Remember this:

Jose Canseco is coming to Roger Clemens’ defense. What a team those two make, eh?

-Here’s what Tiger Woods really wanted to say during his apology back in February. I would’ve posted the video on here, but people might get offended. There are some naughty words.

-My main man RPB wanted me to link to his blog on here. So, here you go, Bobby B.

-The Bengals have a big decision to make at the end of this season. How much is Jonathan Joseph worth? He’s played at an elite level, but will the Bengals pay him like an elite cornerback? He and Leon Hall are a great CB duo. Is Pacman an insurance policy so they don’t have to pay J-Jo what he deserves? Mike Brown is frugal. It’ll be interesting to see how much he thinks Joseph is worth.

-Having trouble with your sex life? Bill Romanowski wrote a column to try and help you out. If there’s anyone I wanna take tips from when it comes to my dealings with the fairer sex, it’s Billy Romanowski.

-Keep an eye on the Darren Sharper/Visanthe Shiancoe match-up when the Saints and Vikings face off in September. Apparently Sharper didn’t take too kindly to Shiancoe comparing him to Osama bin Laden.

-One last thing for today. Did you know Golden Tate was a Taylor Swift fan? Me and Golden…two peas in a pod. I love TayTay.



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