Hey! I’m back…again.

It’s been a while. 13 days, in fact. I figured I’d make my big return to the blogosphere before July rolled around, so here we go. We’ve got World Cup, Redlegs, Bengals, Harry Potter and other nonsense I’m sure I will get to. So get excited, loyal readers. TAC is back!

-So the U.S. is out of the World Cup again. Courtesy of Ghana. Again. Once they made their way out of the group stages, I must say I was worried about their second round match-up against the Germans or Ghana. Germany’s offensive firepower would have caused problems o’ plenty for the United States’ defense, and Ghana’s athleticism made it an extremely difficult match-up, as well. I was really hoping Serbia would make a better showing against the SoccerRoos of Australia in order to squeeze out of Group D to face the U.S. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and Ghana’s athleticism proved too much for the United States squad. I don’t think there’s really any other explanation. If you look at Ghana’s two goals, it came down to an exceptionally athletic striker outrunning the U.S. defensemen. It was especially evident when watching the goal in extra time. The United States was hands down the better tactical team for the vast majority of the 120 minutes on Saturday. Still, though, the athleticism of Ghana won out.
This guy thinks the United States find a way to get its best athletes to gravitate toward soccer instead of the other mainstream sports in order to compete at soccer’s highest level.
This guy agrees, and even gives us a sample roster for the 2014 squad:
2014 World Cup Roster
Rajon Rondo
Jacoby Ellsbury
Wes Welker
Chris Johnson
Adrian Peterson
Steve Smith
Larry Fitzgerald
Derell Revis
Lebron James
Carl Crawford
Jimmy Rollins
Grady Sizemore
Ty Lawson
Reggie Bush
Dwight Howard (goalie)

-It’s disappointing to see such a talented side with such high expectations go down early, but that’s what’ll happen when you play nearly 300 minutes of soccer and lead for only three minutes. You can’t expect to win at high level if you do that. I wish I could say I hate Ghana for knocking America out of two straight World Cups, but I can’t. They just have too much swag. I mean, seriously…

-Speaking of swag, the new Madden 2011 has a new stat on its player ratings. It’s abbreviated “SWG” and stands for “SWAGGER”. I’m willing to bet my boy Ocho has some serious swagger rating. You can see it here, the seventh column from the right. Brandon Marshalls SWG stands at 98. I’ll have to check on Chad’s.

-Old Spice announced its own NFL Swagger Rankings, as well. Not surprisingly, the WhoDeys made it in the top 10, checking in at #9.

-Speaking of football, a more serious finding arose this week. A research facility at WVU found that Chris Henry’s brain showed several signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE – a degenerative brain disorder brought on by multiple hits to the head. Brain trauma and head injuries have been a central concern of football officials at many different levels. Studies are ongoing to try and determine the links between behavior and CTE, but there was one quote in the story that really caught my eye:

But it doesn’t take a collision with another player for brain trauma to occur.
“The brain floats freely in your skull,” said Bennet Omalu, a neuropathologist who is co-director of BIRI. “If you’re moving very quickly and suddenly stop, the brain bounces.”

So, essentially, Omalu is saying that being good at what you do could result in brain trauma. A wide receiver, running back or cornerback all need to be able to make quick cuts, go from sprinting to stopping in a split second. To find learn a good, crisp route could eventually lead to brain trauma is scary, as is the entire issue. It’s definitely one the NFL needs to keep a close eye on.

This guy played 612 holes of golf in one day to raise money for autism research. Apparently he can finish a par-4 in 90 seconds.

-According to sources “close to the situation,” LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh met over the weekend to discuss their futures and the possibility of the three of them teaming up on South Beach to play for the Miami Heat. That’d be scary to see those three in a starting line-up, but I still wonder how three MVP candidates would deal with less touches in each game.

-Party Mardy has signed with the Rams. His agents made the announcement on Twitter:

That four-year deal is reportedly worth $2.34 million. You’ve gotta feel great for a guy like Mardy, hands down my favorite Bearcat of all time. And any talk of Mardy gives me an excuse to post this video – and it is always worth it – so here’s his 99-yard kickoff return against Pitt last December.

-I know I already did my piece on the World Cup, but I don’t have any organization when it comes to this blog, so I’m going to touch on it again. How awesome was Lando’s goal in the 91st minute against Algeria? It was SO awesome. Some guy put together a montage of reaction videos from around the world. This is pretty freaking cool…and the music in the background makes it even more awesome.

It kind of makes me wish I had filmed my reaction when this happened:

-Looks like Lando might be making bank because of performances like that, too. He’s already getting a little more than $2 million from the LA Galaxy next season, but reports say Manchester City is willing to offer Donovan $4 million per year. Not a bad deal for America’s greatest footballer ever.

-While the best player in U.S. soccer history may be hitting paydirt, scored three goals in the World Cup and is heading home early, the best player in the world has yet to score a goal in South Africa. Still, as Joe Posnanski tells us, you can’t let that take away from the genius of Messi.

-Gordon Heyward hit it big in this past week’s NBA Draft. When he made it to Indy, who’d have honestly thought the lanky white kid from Butler would wind up a lottery pick? Now he’s gonna make bank in Utah. The kid looks like he’s barely graduated high school. Which brings me to my next point: his girlfriend actually did just graduate high school, making her one of, if not the youngest celebrity WAGs around. And make no mistake, this chick’s getting it done.

Well done, Gordon. Well done.

This guy‘s expecting big things from the Bengals’ linebackers this season.

-Some Australian guy proposed to his girlfriend. She said she’d marry him…but only if he completed an Iron Man competition first. Absolutely ridiculous. I’d tell her to shove it, take the ring back and go play golf somewhere with my buddies and a brew. This guy’s gonna do it, though. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, I guess.

-American John Isner tells David Letterman the Top 10 things that were going through his mind during his marathon tennis match last week.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

-And now, finally, let’s move on to the first place Redlegs. They should be 1.5 games up on the Cards in the Central, but the Dbacks imploded last night. Still, first place is first place. Got down to GABP last night to watch the ‘Legs chalk up a 7-3 win over the Phillies. Scott Rolen hit his 300th home run, Johnny Cueto was strong on the mound and the defense was outstanding (including two SportsCenter Top 10 plays) and, once they figured out Kyle Kendrick, the bats got going and went strong. This team hit a rough patch, but it seems like they know how to handle the adversity that comes with it. They fought through that and still managed to stay in first in the NL Central. They started off a tough stretch well with their win last night, and they need to continue to play well until the All-Star Break. Cincinnati has to take on the Phillies this week, then go to Chicago for a four-game set, then head to New York to face the Mets, followed by another series with Philadelphia in Philly. The Cardinals, on the other hand, get Arizona, Milwaukee, Colorado and Houston over that same stretch. Of those teams, only Colorado has a record above .500, and they’re in fourth in the NL West. The Reds get the second and third place teams in the loaded NL East during that same stretch. I don’t want to make too much about a few series in early July, but these are important for the Reds in the NL Central race, especially considering the relatively easy road St. Louis gets during the same time period.

-ESPN.com says Sir Arthur is one of 30 “under the radar” All-Stars. It’s just mind-boggling to me how a guy with a 0.28 ERA is considered “under the radar.”

-Several Reds are creeping up All-Star ballots. Scott Rolen’s moved up to fourth, and Brandon Philipps, Jonny Gomes, Joey Votto and Orlando Cabrera are all hanging on to the final spots at their respective positions. I vote that all my readers Vote Reds right now!

That’s all I’m going to do for today. I’m tired of writing and Spain and Portugal play in about thirty minutes. Should be a great one…I recommend you tune in.

Now, I leave you with two awesome movie things.
First, this trailer is apparently being shopped around Hollywood. It looks absolutely amazing. If someone doesn’t pick this up, they’re nuts.

And second, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer has been released. And it is going to be…wait for it…LEGENDARY.



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