Well last night sure was nice. As my big brother so eloquently put it:

Watching the Bearcats shut down Xavier last night was one of the most satisfying things in recent memory for me. There is no game all season long I’m more passionate about. If all of my favorite teams could win only one game combined, I would want it to be the Crosstown Shootout. But instead, my two favorite teams are a combined 29-1 (and that one loss was a freaking choke job against Georgetown). Throw Duke in the mix (my third-favorite team to root for), and that record jumps to 33-1. So far, this basketball season has been nice.
UC just throttled Xavier last night. It was awesome. Sure, the Muskies are undermanned and probably only has one player on their bench that could get any significant playing time for the Bearcats, but, when you consider all that, Cincy did exactly what they should’ve done. They played a team that was overmatched and let the final score show that. They absolutely dominated the game aside from Xavier’s 10-4 run to start. After that, Yancy Gates took over and the Bearcats played some great team defense to shut down Xavier’s only real threat in Terrell (I refuse to call him ‘Tu’) Holloway.
I still don’t really know what to make of Yancy, though. He was outstanding last night–22 points and 14 boards. But I still don’t feel like he really cares. Last night he was into it because he was playing well. After Kenny Frease dominated the post for the first two or three minutes, Yancy got pissed. He wasn’t gonna let that oafy white guy beat him. But he didn’t do it by being stronger or more aggressive. No, he decided he’d do it by hitting fadeaway after fadeaway. It was great last night. But I’m worried he’s going to just keep settling for that fadeaway jumper for the rest of the season, hoping for a night like he had last night. I don’t want to take away from his performance…he’s the reason the Bearcats trounced XU the way they did. I just don’t want him to think everyone he plays in the Big East will be like Kenny Frease.
And let’s have a round of applause for Xavier last night, too. I don’t think I looked to the X bench one time and didn’t see Chris Mack bitching about something. I said it in yesterday’s post: I hate Chris Mack. I think he’s a classless douche. He didn’t do anything to disprove that last night. Then there was Terrell Holloway’s elbow to Ibrahima Thomas for absolutely no reason. Hey, Terrell: if you drive to the basket as if a whistle hasn’t been blown, don’t throw an elbow because a defender acted the same way. And lastly, Dante Jackson. I never liked him, but last night he may have become my least favorite Musketeer ever. Not only was he talking trash to Rashad Bishop non-stop while Rashad was shutting him down and his team was getting spanked, he decided with like three minutes to go that he’d just tackle Cashmere Wright in the backcourt. But Cashmere, having class–something these Muskies seem to lack–got up, dusted himself off and kept on keeping on. How ’bout them Bearcats!
And if you needed reason to hate Xavier…here you go:

Now comes the toughest part of the schedule. I said yesterday I hoped a win in the Shootout would mean a lot of momentum moving forward. That’s still my hope. If this team lacked any confidence because of its weak schedule up to this point, I think a thorough beating of its crosstown rival will help eliminate that. It starts Sunday in Philly. The ‘Cats need strong games out of the likes of Dion Dixon (who was great in the Shootout), Larry Davis (he was good, too) and Cashmere Wright (outstanding defensively, and 8-for-8 from the stripe). ‘Nova always has great guard play. Cincy needs to counter that with great guard play of its own. Then you’ve gotta go to Syracuse, Notre Dame and St. John’s. We learn a lot about the Bearcats this month.

Now for that link dump I began yesterday but didn’t finish:
–I already linked to it, but it’s worth linking again: Tiger Woods 2012 will include Augusta National. To say I’m excited would be a massive understatement.

(photo courtesy of GolfDigest.com)

A few billboards have popped up around Columbus, Ohio. They congratulate the TCU Horned Frogs on their Rose Bowl victory and take a nice little shot at Ohio State’s President Gee. He said teams like TCU and Boise State shouldn’t be able to play in the big games because they play “The Little Sisters of the Poor.” Well suck on this, Mr. Prez…


–I’ve never been a big fantasy football guy. I feel like I know my football pretty well and everything, but I just never care enough to set a line-up each week, make trades, or do any of that stuff. And too many people take it way too seriously. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at this ad for fantasy football championship rings. Ridiculous. The only fantasy football rewards I acknowledge are The Shiva and The Sacko. If you don’t know what those are, watch “The League.” You won’t regret it.

–Kanye West tweets. Josh Groban sings it. Outstanding.

–Pontevedra is a Spanish soccer club experiencing some financial troubles. Apparently, the players haven’t been paid in months. So they protested in a pretty creative fashion.

Could you imagine how awkward that must’ve been for the other team? Or for the fans? I’m all for the players getting paid, but I’d be pissed if I paid for a ticket to that match and Pontevedra just knelt on the ground for more than like 30 seconds.

–Some chick is dumb enough to marry Ben Roethlisberger. I hope there’s no prenump. For her sake. And hopefully they won’t share a bathroom. Again, for her sake.

–Some other chick is dumb enough to call 911 to try and force her boyfriend to propose. Is this chick serious? Talk about psycho. That’s why I never want to get in to a serious relationship. Women are crazy. Not all of them act on the crazy, but I think it’s always somewhere in them. Kind of like evil. It’s in you. You know it. You just have to be better than the evil inside you. So, to women everywhere, please be better than the crazy inside you. On behalf of men everywhere, thanks.

–I’ve never rushed a sorority, but one of my favorites has always been Kappa Kappa Gamma. It’s just fun to say. And I’ve got two friends who are Kappas. (**Hey Marie! Hey Laura!**) And a few more at Mizzou, I think. But the point is, if I’m some 18-year-old freshman chick and I went to Baylor and the Kappas played this video during rush, I’d be sold. I’d watch this video and think that these chicks were just the coolest babes around. No questions asked, I’m in.

And hats off to whoever edited that video for Kappa Kappa Gamma. The way they got the video and audio aligned just right over so many different clips is flat out impressive.
But man am I just coming through on this New Year’s Resolution. Killing it with the blog posts. All you people made resolutions to go to the gym. I just sit in my room, watch SportsCenter, play xBox, read other people’s blogs then write my own. I win.
Carpe Diem.


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