Remember the Titans

One of my all-time favorite movies was on TV last night and I watched it. So, I begin this post with some inspiration for all from that movie…

A few things I thought about while I was watching:
–That Ray guy is a real d-bag.
–If Coach Boone really makes those kids run all the way to Gettysburg during this scene, that’s a really long run. TC Williams is in Virginia. Gettysburg is in Pennsylvania. I’m not sure where they went for training camp, but I’d bet Gettysburg is still quite a hike. I mean, it worked. But it’s just a long run.
–I don’t know if they had a pre-season camp, too, but the TC Williams cheerleading squad has black girls and white girls, and they seem to get along just fine. But why, before the first game, are all the black girls in the front row and the white girls are in the back? If the cheerleaders were truly integrating, they’d have a mix in both rows.
–I love the scene when Gary’s mom gets the standing ovation from the TC Williams faithful before the state title game. Chills.
–The more I watch the movie, the more awesome lines I discover. You could read through the whole script here, but I’ll just give you a few gems I really like:
**When Coach Yost takes Alan out and his dad starts bitching**
Alan’s Dad: “Don’t you take my son out!”
Little Yost Girl: “He’s gettin’ beat like he stole somethin’, Mr. Bosley.”
Alan’s Dad: “You just stay out of it, girl.”
**TC Williams beats Groveton and, as a result, Coach Yost will no longer be inducted into the Virginia HS Football Hall of Fame**
Little Yost Girl: “Just plain old jealousy…as old as Cain and Abel.”
**That d-bag Ray doesn’t block for Rev. Gary steps up and says something about it after Julius told him off earlier.**
Gary: “What was that, Ray?! Whatever it is, it ain’t blocking.”
Ray: “Give me a break.”
Gary: “You want a break? I’ll give you a break. If we get to Rev one more time, I swear to God, I’m gonna hit you so hard, oooh, boy, by the time you come to, you’re gonna need a new haircut. You understand me?”

There are so many more. That’s why it never gets old watching this flick. You’ll find a new gem every time you do it.

Continuing with the theme of football, how about that national title game? I’m not crazy about the way college football crowns its champion — I think TCU should have had a chance to play for the title, and probably would’ve won it — but at least the game lived up to the hype. It wasn’t the high-scoring track meet everyone was expecting, but it was a great game to watch. Sloppy at times, sure, but entertaining all the way to the end.
Auburn’s defensive line was incredible. I thought Oregon would win the title pretty easily because of the team speed and the holes in Auburn’s secondary. Turns out if a team can get penetration up the middle, that team speed is completely nullified. That’s what happened last night. Pretty much everything Oregon does begins with that zone read option. It takes a little time. Nothing really got the chance to develop because Auburn’s defensive linemen — espcially Nick Fairley — were upfield before anything could happen. You’ve gotta give Auburn credit for that. The D-line won that game.
Still, I thought Oregon would try to stretch things out more. An option with Darron Thomas and LaMichael James could’ve made the middle of the line pretty much irrelevant, and it would’ve given the Ducks a chance to attack a mediocre secondary by getting to the next level on the outside. Instead, I think Oregon ran an option twice. And one time, it was the holder and kicker on a fake extra point — a call which I absolutely loved, by the way.

Cam Newton wasn’t overly impressive to me. He got a lot of time and found receivers with mismatches or just ran it himself. Overall, Oregon’s defense was really impressive. I got scoffed at by my roommate for defending Oregon’s D a few weeks back. They were outstanding the other night. Take away a fluke play and I think that game goes to OT. Granted, an overtime game probably goes to Auburn based on red zone offense all game long. But still…that one flukey little play decided the national championship. But, based on this play from the Sugar Bowl last week, Dyer was definitely down. I thought it when I saw it. The knee definitely wasn’t down, but the whole wrist/hand thing could have easily ruled him down. If Williams was down in the clip I linked to, Dyer was definitely down. Even though the stupid system college football uses had already tainted the crowning of a champion.
But congrats to Auburn. And Gene Chizik. Who’d have thought he’d ever win a national championship when he was coaching Iowa State to a combined 5-19 record a few years ago? And clearly some people at Auburn weren’t expecting much when he was hired two years ago. But he stepped up big. So congrats to him.

Still, I don’t like the BCS. This guy dislikes it a whole lot more than me. But I still don’t like it. I don’t like that only two teams get a chance to win the championship. I don’t like that I have to wait more than a month for those teams to play the championship game. I don’t like how important pre-season rankings are (don’t point to that stat about Auburn and Oregon starting the season outside the top ten…doesn’t justify anything). I don’t like how teams like Boise State, Nevada and (especially) TCU get screwed no matter what they do. I don’t like how hypocritical most every defense of the system is. But it is what it is and I don’t see it changing any time soon.
And that’s TCU’s opinion, too. The TCU athletic director said he embraces the ‘imperfect’ system. Through this whole thing, the Horned Frogs have been so classy. It makes me like them even more than I already did. As the season wore on, they knew they were going to get shafted. They get shafted. They win the Rose Bowl against a school that plays a “real” conference schedule, and never once do they bitch about not getting a fair shake or a shot at the national championship. I love TCU. It’s a shame they’ll be playing against the Bearcats in a few short years. But I’m pulling for them in every other game they play.

The season is barely over, but we obviously already have a couple 2011 pre-season Top 25s out. Mizzou is getting some love in both I found despite losing Blaine to the draft. Sports Illustrated’s poll has the Tigers at No. 13 and makes a completely unnecessary plug for Shakespeare’s Pizza. In ESPN’s early poll, Mizzou checks in at No. 16. So that’s exciting. ESPN has TCU at 18th and makes a great point: “We’re about to find out whether coach Gary Patterson built a great team or a great program at TCU.”

Speaking of rankings, The Daily Beast released its rankings of the Top 25 Smartest College Sports Programs, as well as the Top 25 Dumbest College Sports Programs. I have no idea how they calculate these rankings, but I don’t really care. Mizzou is ranked third, which is pretty cool. Especially considering that puts Mizzou in a top four with the likes of Northwestern, Notre Dame and Duke, as well as the first public university on the list. So, yeah…way to go Missouri!

Things I’m not proud of Missouri for: the loss to Colorado to kick off Big 12 play on the hardwood. CU isn’t as bad as a lot of people might think. If I recall correctly, I read somewhere that the Buffs could be a dark horse to make some noise in the Big 12 this season. The good news for the Tigers, they fought back, Phil Pressey is back in the line-up, and it’s only one loss. A win against Nebraska tonight gets them back to level. And the last time Mizzou lost to Colorado on the road, that team went to the Elite 8.
A few questions about Colorado, though. I cannot believe the basketball hoops’ supports are connected to the ceiling. Straight out of grade school. I cannot remember the last time a D-1 college basketball program didn’t have the collapsible hoops.
Second: does Ralphie lead the Colorado basketball team onto the floor? Because that would be awesome. But I guess his hooves might scratch up the nice hardwood floor.

In related Mizzou news, the Tigers are leading the way in the recruiting of a stud small forward out of Sikeston, Mo., named Otto Porter, Jr. He’s not a well-known prospect because his dad didn’t want him learning the bad habits players develop in AAU ball. Instead, Otto Sr. kept Junior at home in the summers, had him work a summer job, hone his game with his dad and play a few games with his high school squad. I absolutely love that philosophy. Too many good players can’t stay grounded. It seems like Otto Sr. is doing his best to make sure that doesn’t happen with his son. I really hope Coach Anderson and Mizzou can land this guy.

Cincinnati finally lost a game. I think we all knew that was coming at some point. And the fact that it happened on the road against the seventh-best team in the country isn’t all that bad. It was great to see very little overreaction (pretty much none) to the loss. And I think a few good things came out of it. They get the first tough Big East game out of the way. I think a lot of the frustration in the first half was a result of very little preparation for what lies ahead in the Big East during the first 15 games. Now they can get through games without that frustration…hopefully. Only time will tell, but I think it was good to get all that out of the way in the first half of the first legit game of the season. On top of that, they were within seven points after falling behind by 21 despite shooting 2-for-20 from behind the arc. Some of that can be credited to Villanova’s defense, but not all of it. They’ll hit those shots more often as the season wears on. Frustration played a big role.
Now, the Bearcats need to be sure they don’t let that one loss spiral in to more losses. Tonight they get USF in a game they should win. So far this season, they’ve taken care of business in the games they were supposed to handle easily. Hopefully that continues tonight. And, speaking of things that will hopefully continue, let’s hope they get a good crowd, too. When I was at the Crosstown Shootout last week, it was pretty crazy: it was like I was at a UC game. Hopefully a good amount of the 13+ thousand who made it to that game won’t forget that this team has six more home games left.

David Feherty is a great guy doing some great things. Gotta love a guy who endears himself to injured veterans by giving them crap. I love it. In my opinion, the best way to make people comfortable is to treat them just like you treat everyone else. That’s what I always do. It gets me some enemies, sure, but I like to think it gets me friends, too. Hats off to David Feherty for doing what he’s doing. Whether you think you have eight minutes to spare or not, you need to watch the video I linked to. It’s that good.

Another great story here on a tragic connection between three SEC basketball coaches. Again, worth your time to read.

And one more sad story here about the tragedy that took place in Tuscon this weekend. Not a lot to say on that. It’s senseless, sad, terrible. There are a lot of words to describe it. But it’s tragic that a bright future was eliminated because of such a senseless act. But all we can really do is hope that the sign Billy Donovan saw in the story above is true: ‘God is Good All of the Time.’

For all my friends who were out at Tostado’s for Spanks’ 22nd, I think you’ll enjoy this song I came across.

Remember in my last post when I talked about how women are nuts? Well, if you didn’t believe me then, maybe reading about this chick who stabbed her boyfriend because he wouldn’t show her his Facebook page will help bring you around. More reason to never get in a relationship.

Now, back to my friends. To those friends who play wiffleball with me every summer: get ready, because I’m pitching like this guy come summer.

This new thing Kroger is using to check people out is pretty awesome. It’s almost like the self-checkout without the “self” part. I love it.

A Seattle “superhero” got punched in the face and threatened at gunpoint, proving yet again that idiots who dress up in stupid costumes and try to stop crime have no shot. Unless, of course, it’s The Coon, Mysterion or Mintberry Crunch.

Ever gone streaking? Or considered it? Well, if so, I recommend doing some recon before you make the run. Otherwise, you could wind up like this guy.
I literally laugh out loud every time I watch this video. The guy with the camera clearly knows what’s coming and just lets it happen. Comedy gold.

Ever seen the 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All-Time? Well, here are 100 other dandies. My favorite is probably at the :45 mark. Either that or a timeless classic at 3:26.

And clearly we need to wrap up this blog post (which has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster…sorry about that) with a music video about one of the better golf movies ever made (up there with Happy Gilmore and Tin Cup), Caddyshack.

But none of those movies even come close to The Legend of Bagger Vance. My favorite golf movie, and up there among my favorite movies of all time. If you haven’t seen it, you’re robbing yourself of a great experience.

Now, it’s time to pack a little bit and enjoy some good basketball this evening. Back to CoMo on Friday, so I doubt I’ll be updating again before then. But, while you’re waiting for updates from me, you can definitely check in with my big brother’s blog, Playing from the Wrong Fairway.
Because it’s a golf blog, let me just say I was super excited to see several Masters commercials during the end of the college football bowl season. I know I said I was ending the post with the Caddyshack song, but instead, I will end with this video of Augusta National (because I can’t find a YouTube clip of a Masters commercial anywhere. If you know where one is, leave it the comments section for me and I will love you forever).

Carpe Diem.


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