Snow Days are the Bee’s Knees.

As of Monday, I hadn’t enjoyed a snow day since gradeschool. Sitting here today, I’ve now had three in the last three days. And it’s been wonderful. Sure, there was the near Natastrophe after enjoying some adult beverages during the evenings before snow days one and two, but the crisis was averted when I decided to walk 3.8 miles to the House of John, Dave, Pat and Kevin. Now, I’m just enjoying what is probably going to be the final snow day of my life. And I’m enjoying it by writing a little blog post for you. Now there’s need to thank me, but don’t ever say I didn’t do anything for you.

Let’s start off with the snow. We got quite a bit here in Columbia. I’m pretty sure the final number was like 17.8 inches. I must say I cannot stand snow. It’s such a pain in the ass. A total inconvenience. Rain isn’t fun, but at least it doesn’t do the type of crap snow does. I like that it gave me three off days this week, but I don’t like that I have to shovel it away. Or that it will still be sitting around for weeks because it won’t melt. I like snow days. I don’t like snow. But some people do like snow. This weatherman, for instance, seems excited about it…

Now on to sports, I guess.
I’ve got a bet with my roommate on this evening’s Heat/Magic game. He loves Kobe. I love LeBron. And he thinks Kobe’s better. I disagree (respectfully, of course). Here’s some evidence to support my side:
The Cavs are historically bad this season. Think about it: Cleveland had the best record in the NBA last season. They lose LeBron (and Big Z) and now there is talk that they are in the conversation of “worst in NBA history.” LeBron managed to win 60+ games with this team. They’ll be lucky to win 20 without him. Obviously we don’t know what would happen if Kobe were to leave the Lakers, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would say they’d be as bad as Cleveland is without LeBron. What I’m trying to say is this: for the Lakers, there could be life after Kobe; for the Cavs, there’s no life after LeBron.
I hear you all starting in right now…”But Nick, who would you rather have shooting the ball in crunch time?” “Talk to me when LeBron gets a ring.” “Kobe’s better when it actually matters.”
First off, if those are your arguments, thanks for the original thought. Second, those don’t have any legitimacy in this conversation.
First off, Kobe isn’t so clutch in crunch time. I’d go into more detail, but you can just read that story.
Second, championships have absolutely no place in this argument. We aren’t arguing legacy or Hall of Fame credentials. We are talking about who is the best basketball player in the game right now. I think it’s LBJ, no doubt. If you don’t think so, that’s completely fine. But don’t justify that by talking about the championships someone has or hasn’t won. That doesn’t affect which player is the best basketball player right now.
If you think LeBron isn’t good in the playoffs, the argument above still applies, but you also have to look at his history in the postseason. Remember Game 5 against the Pistons in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals? Or how about Game 7 against the Celtics in 2008? Point at Game 6 this season all you want, but that one game doesn’t mean doesn’t define his playoff career.
And, in case you were wondering, the Heat really pissed away a chance to make me more money tonight. The terrible end of that game cost me anywhere between eight and ten dollars. But LBJ drops 51. Standard.

In other basketball news, All-Star voting is a total sham. It’s a sham for every sport except for hockey, really. I’ll just give two quick examples of why that’s the case: Kevin Love is averaging more than 21 points and 15 boards per game. Those are All-Star numbers. He’s not even a reserve. Joey Votto was the National League MVP in 2010, but the fans didn’t vote him into the All-Star Game (initially). There is no reason the All-Star Game for any sport should be a popularity contest. Yao Ming hasn’t played a game all year and he’s the top vote-getter. What a joke.
It’s supposed to be the best players in the game out on the field, floor, ice, whatever. You don’t get that with fans voting for who plays. Most fans watch one team. Most fans really have no idea how good some players are. Leaving the decisions to the players or the coaches is the best way to go. Maybe give each team a fan’s choice or something. Let them pick one guy to play, but leave the decisions that matter to people who actually know something.

And before I move away from the NBA, there was this…

Could you imagine if Chuck said that? There’d be an uproar. He’s probably get fired. But because Tracy Morgan is a comedian, it’s OK? Because he’s not a TNT employee it’s OK? I mean, it was funny. I laughed. But I just don’t think it’s fair that I can’t hear somebody like Charles Barkley get to say hilarious stuff like that. It’s a stupid double standard that reduces my entertainment.

Moving now to college basketball, Missouri cannot win on the road. It’s unbelievable. I know there’s a certain comfort level playing at home, but at the end of the day, the difference between performance at home and on the road just shouldn’t be this significant. It’s like the scene in Hoosiers when Gene Hackman has the kids measure the height of the basket and the distance to the free throw line (that I tried really hard to find, but couldn’t). I love Mizzou Arena and the atmosphere, but I find it very hard to believe that the fans really make that much of a difference. It’s tough to win at OK State. Texas is extremely good. Colorado is better than most people think. Still, the road performances have been absolutely abysmal. Like watching two completely different teams. That needs to change quick, especially considering they go to Lawrence on Monday.

Cincinnati missed a chance for a quality win over West Virginia last weekend. Cashmere Wright turns in his best performance as a Bearcat and then gets repaid by getting to watch his teammates completely unravel. Even if they wind up with only seven or eight losses on the year, this team needs a quality win. The closest they’ve gotten to that is a ‘W’ at St. John’s (which looks a lot better after watching them destroy Duke). They’ve got chances to get huge wins, but that loss to WVU was probably the most manageable win. While you give credit to Huggs for coming in with a depleted roster and getting a win, you also have to acknowledge that this UC squad really missed a big opportunity.

The whole Carson Palmer saga in Cincinnati might be for the best. If Carson can really start throwing his weight around, maybe Mike Brown will actually start changing things. It’s definitely a stretch. This organization is so royally eff’d thanks to Mikey Boy that it’ll probably be years before anything really significant happens. But maybe Carson’s starting it.

But none of that will matter in 2011 if the NFL and its players can’t figure out something to get back on the field.

I’m getting a little lazy now (I guess the three days of nothing but video games, food and beer really took it out of me). But I have plenty of stuff I found while looking on the internet during my time off. So here we go…

Shane Bacon writes about how Bubba Watson is impossible to hate (which he is) and gives us a quick guess at where we might see him winning again. I’ll give you a hint: on April 10, Bubba should probably wear something that looks good with green.

This new invention is pretty cool…

I didn’t really understand exactly how this worked initially. I just knew it worked. But then I read this story and had it explained to me. Now, it’s even cooler. The way that works is brilliant.

It’s not hard to find reasons to hate the Steelers. But I found another reason. I will not post this video on my blog because I have some self-respect. But I will link to it for you. If you thought a Lady Gaga song could never get worse, this little girl proves you wrong. And she has a lisp. Your song wouldn’t be good anyways, tuts, but that made it worse.

So I’m obviously rooting for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in this year’s Super Bowl. I hope their pre-game pep talk at least close to as awesome as this:

Have you ever seen Dazed and Confused? Whether your answer is yes or no, I have a video for you. If you answered ‘yes’ and you want to watch it again, look below. If your answer was ‘no’ and you want to see it for the first time, look below. Either way, I’m saving you a lot of time.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For all my male readers, here are six mistakes men make on Valentine’s Day. Now I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Just another reason relationships are silly. But there was a line in here that really irritated me.

“If you’ve just started dating, a big gift can imply more depth to the relationship than is really there. It can also be awkward if the guy splurges on a big Valentine’s gift, but the woman doesn’t do the same.”

Of course you must assume the man will be the one to splurge. Because God knows women expect to get things bought for them. Meet a girl at a bar, you need to buy her a drink to get her attention. If you don’t someone else will. She will like that guy more, no matter how cool you are or how douchey he is. Take a girl out to dinner, everyone expects you to pay for it. People bitch about how chivalry is dead. Well, in its purest form, it is. But the societal expectation is that men be chivalrous because everyone assumes girls need to have stuff bought for them.
**SIDE NOTE: This is another reason “Ladies’ Night” at any bar anywhere is stupid. All these girls get in free and have drink specials for them, but they never have to buy anything. They just have to appear interested in a guy, bat those little eyelashes and they get that discounted drink paid for. The guys are the real customers. Bars should give them some sort of special discounts. But instead, society demands they cater to women. Ridiculous.**
Back to the Valentine’s Day thing. That quote (from a woman, by the way) shows why society’s expectations of love and relationships in general are, in my humble opinion, flat out silly.

Have you ever watched wrestling and thought it might be real? Or do you at least think they try to make it seem real? This will change your mind:

Kinda half-assed, especially considering I had three days of doing nothing to get a post together. Instead, I decided to just do nothing even remotely productive. It was a great success. And now, even though today feels like the weekend is finishing up, it’s just getting started. A nice little comedy show for free tomorrow night, then it’s time for A Dave and Alex Affair: The Squeakuel.

It's gonna be fun.

So I’m gonna enjoy all that. Then hopefully we can see BJ Raji flatten Ben Roethlisberger and watch Aaron Rodgers torch the Steelers defense. If that happens, it’ll be pretty close to a perfect weekend.
Hope you enjoy yours.

Carpe Diem.


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