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Heck of a Super Bowl last night. But before we get to that, let’s talk Remember the Titans. If you recall, I expressed my love of the movie in a previous post. Well after Super Bowl XLV last night, I watched it again with four others who share my love of the film.
It’s a lot of fun to watch a movie you’ve seen a million times with other people who have seen it a bunch of times. That way there can be discussion of the little things in the movie and no one misses anything. But, in my case at least, the guys I watched it with respected the movie, so if you wanted to hear one of your favorite lines, you made the “shhhh” noise and everyone obliged. I have some quality friends. And we discovered a few more great lines last night.
–When Coach Boone makes all the players get off the buses before going to training camp, right after the sighs and moans, there’s one unseen voice that pipes up with, “Aw man, why we got to get off the bus?!”
–When Coach Boone lays in to Petey after he misses the block in the first game, where in the world is the kid going? Boone tells him to sit on the bench, and he starts walking over by the cheerleaders and the bleachers. How long is the bench? Is there another bench by the cheerleaders that he mistook for the football bench? Just a thought.
–When they start making momma jokes in the locker room after they’ve bonded at training camp, take note of the kid to Blue’s right. Jerry Buck. The skinny kid. The kid doesn’t even have a line. His role in this movie is just to sit there and let Blue talk about his momma’s hairy legs. Check it out…at the :57 mark. And then Louie Lastik comes up with the best momma joke of the scene. Just great stuff.

A few other observations about that scene…Blue messes up the lyrics when they’re singing. Is Sunshine gay or not? We never get an answer to that question. I’m like Petey…it doesn’t matter, but I need to know. And lastly, Ray is such a douche.

–When Coach Yost is announcing his retirement to all the white players and their parents, Mr. Bosley (Alan’s dad) steps up with his thoughts and just yells: “Boycott the school!” Then later, when an uproar starts again, he jumps in with “Boycott the school!”
–And lastly for today, I love the racist guy that runs the restaurant. Not him as a person. Not his values. But just the one line when he tells Sunshine he can deny service to anybody he wants, then gets close to him and looks him in the eye and goes, “That means you, too, hippie boy.” Great line. But, if you check out the deleted scenes, there’s one titled “Sunshine Strikes Back.” I recommend checking it out.

Now let’s talk Super Bowl. Great game. Pretty much everyone expected it to be a great game. I know there was a lot of talk about the defenses in this game, but I really thought Aaron Rodgers was going to torch the Steelers the whole way. Thought it’d be an offensive shootout. Went on the radio and told our enormous listening audience my prediction was a 31-27 Packers win. I was pretty darn close. I also said the game would come down to one quarterback’s mistakes. That’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t really a lot of the Packers defense forcing the mistakes, it was more about Roethlisberger making mistakes.
I’m not saying the Green Bay defense doesn’t deserve a lot of credit — especially considering they did it without Charles Woodson — but Roethlisberger just played a bad game. I had said this game was a match-up between the NFL’s two best QBs. I changed my mind after watching that game and doing some research.
Roethlisberger has been outplayed by the opposing QB in all three of his Super Bowl starts. It wouldn’t be out of the question to argue last night was his best performance. Roethlisberger knows how to win and do so at a high level. While that may make him a great QB, that doesn’t put him in the same conversation as quarterbacks like Brady, Manning or Rodgers. Away from the big stage, he does have a 92.3 career QB rating. That’s damn good. But Brady (95.2), Manning (94.9) or Rodgers (98.4) all have higher career ratings. A quarterback constantly compared to Tom Brady or Peyton Manning when people discuss whether or not he is elite. Aaron Rodgers stacks up statistically and in the wins column. I’d argue Roethlisberger only stacks up in the wins column. But he’s still a great QB. You can’t argue that.

Enough about the game. I’m about to start talking good about Ben Roethlisberger. So let’s get to the commercials, shall we?
I don’t know which is my favorite, because I can’t decide between the two that were obviously the best of the bunch. Here they are:

Just two high quality adverts there. The first one is great because it’s cute and clever. Everyone loves little kids. But the chest pump point from a beaver in the second one? That was outstanding. I still can’t pick. I love ’em both.
Other than those, none really jumped out at me as really funny. But there was one that I thought was way underrated…

The Seinfeld/Neumann exchange is great.
A few others I liked:

It was very predictable, but I thought they did a good job with it. I think my favorite part of it was how it kinda looks like the grandpa some Doritos out of his own urn when his grandson, Mikey walks through the door.

First off, I think this may be the first time I have ever seen Eminem in a commercial. Secondly, I like how he was only kind of in it. Like he wanted to get the money but didn’t want to have to do a bunch of acting. So he’s like, “Hey…just make a claymation version of me and I can call you or something to get the audio.

Playing to stereotypes is always funny, right? Girls go out to dinner with a guy and hope he’s a nice gentleman interested in conversation and a relationship. Dude just wants to get in the lady’s pants. But let’s be serious…you don’t take a girl out to a nice dinner and expect nothing in return. This guy’s buying you dinner, sweetie. If you don’t put out, at least let him have your Pepsi Max (which he probably bought).

This one wasn’t all that funny. Or clever (but I do like the “Grab some Buds” slogan). But I credit Budweiser for teasing this commercial for like two weeks prior to the Super Bowl. I was really curious about it. So for two weeks, their product was on my mind. That’s just some good advertising by the King of Beers.

Back to the Super Bowl itself now. The good news for the Packers players: they don’t need to worry about getting fitted for their rings after their win. That’s because Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy had his players get fitted for their Super Bowl rings on Saturday night. I never thought I’d be saying Mike McCarthy’s got swag, but Mike McCarthy’s got swag.

Missouri down four at the half on the road against kU. I don’t hate it. They are playing patient basketball on offense, rebounding well, shooting lights out and playing some quality team defense. But Kansas isn’t missing much either. Both teams are shooting better than 50%. A problem: the two most experienced players out there — Kim English and Justin Safford — are making terrible decisions. Luckily the rest of the team is playing smart. But if the guards (Dixon, Denmon, M. Pressey and P. Pressey) continue to play like they are, and Bowers keeps shooting and Ratliffe keeps reboudning, this game will come down to the wire. And maybe the Tigers can get their first win in Lawrence since the last millenium. That’d be a good start to the week.

I’m gonna finish this up before the start of the second half, so I only have two links to share with you this time. It’s another invention, and it’s pretty awesome. How the guy came up with it is beyond me, but we’ll send you off with The Shaving Helmet.

That would make shaving your head really easy. If you’re a millionaire, invest in that. I think it’s a good investment.

And lastly, check out CoCo coming up with a brilliant Super Bowl Sunday innovation.
“They’ve got me saying, ‘Woo, boy! I wish I were a chew toy!’ It’s puppies in lingerie!”

Let’s go Tigers!
Carpe Diem.


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  1. I work with guys that absolutely love “Remember the Titans” and I think you went to Lourdes with one of them.

    Pretty sure they could do the entire movie from start to finish by themselves. It’s astounding

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