Are the @Reds the most Twitter-friendly team in all of sports?

All the evidence points to “Yes.” The team has hosted multiple “TweetUps” and has a great presence in social media, ranging from former players (and Hall of Famers) to current players to the front office and even to its community efforts. Brandon Phillips could easily claim the title of baseball’s best tweeter, and more and more of the Reds’ best are joining up. Sure, we may never get the team’s best player to start tweeting, but Jay Bruce has joined, Phillips is almost omnipresent in the Twittersphere, and a few of the lesser-known players are great follows, as well (I recommend following @mrLecure).
Then take a look at the front office presence. Jamie Ramsey is one of the best follows in the organization, and his blog is outstanding. Then you’ve got Lisa Braun and Michael Anderson, who, along with Ramsey, give fans a great inside look at the team. The Reds use Twitter to do more than build a fan base; they use Twitter to engage a fan base. That’s the beauty of the Cincinnati Reds organization and its social media presence.
Plenty of sports fans follow their favorite teams. Plenty of baseball fans follow their favorite teams. There are a lot of ways to do this, but no fans can follow a team quite like Reds fans can follow theirs.


~ by nchaney3 on February 24, 2012.

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