Europe, here I come.

Not a whole lot to say. I just feel like it’d be good for me to get a post up here before I leave the country for two weeks. While basically everyone I know will headed to NOLA to watch the Bearcats take on Florida in the Sugar Bowl, I will be enjoying the sights in Brussels and Amsterdam, as well as partying Europe-style for New Year’s. Needless to say, I will be excited. The only problem that exists is finding a sports bar that would allow me to watch the ‘Cats at like 3:00 a.m. local time. But that’s neither her nor there.

-If the Bengals don’t clinch this week, I will be quite disappointed. They play the 3-11 Kansas City Chiefs at PBS. No reason they don’t win. Carson and the passing game came back to life last week in San Diego. Hard to believe that was his first 300-yard game in two years. A lot of people have said he isn’t the same Carson we saw carve up defenses in ’05. I disagree. I just think he doesn’t get enough chances. I say open up the playbook and let Carson have his way with the KC secondary this week.
Speaking of that loss to the Chargers…what a heartbreaker. I can’t even imagine how tough that game was for those players after losing their teammate only a few days earlier. Nothing scripted or funny about it, but Chad’s tribute after his big TD catch will go down as the best in his career if you ask me. And the fact that people question whether or not he’s being genuine through this whole ordeal is absolutely disgusting to me. Big time props to 8-5 for going out and playing with that “extra set of hands, extra set of legs and an extra heart.”

In the end it was still a loss, but the Bengals showed a lot in that loss. The passing game can be effective. They can actually get into the end zone in the second half. They are still able to move the ball down the field when it matters. They can still come from behind.
But, still a loss. Leon Hall has had a great season but looked bad on Sunday. The Chargers had the mismatch with Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd, and they exploited it. Hats off to them for that. But don’t let it take away from what Leon has done all year. We Bengal fans are far too often all about what you’ve done for us lately. I still think Leon and J-Jo are the best cornerback duo in the league.
This weekend, I look for the Chiefs to get a steady dose of LJ’s revenge on the ground coupled with Carson airing it out in what will be an easy Cincy win. Sure, the Chiefs have gotten each of their three wins this season on the road, the Bengals are 0-3 against the AFC West and they’ve sucked down the stretch in recent years, but that’s the past. You couldn’t get it for Christmas, but you can still buy some AFC North Champions gear next week.
I like LJ to rush for at list 100 and Carson to throw for 270+ and three TDs.
Cincy’s offense finally shows up and this team locks up their playoff spot, 35-14.
-And how about the finish to the NFL season? In the AFC, no one is guaranteed a playoff spot except for San Diego and Indy. Wild cards are up in the air in both conferences, there are ample games with major playoff implications and the Colts need to decide whether or not they want that perfect season. A lot of story lines and good games should make for a great finish.
-Speaking of the wild card race, wasn’t everyone discussing how Pittsburgh’s season was essentially over after they lost to the Browns and fell to 6-7. Now that they’re at 7-7, everyone is pegging them as a dangerous playoff team and a Super Bowl darkhorse. Give me a break. Even if they get everyone back and healthy, they still need help to make the playoffs. Apparently this guy wants another rematch with the WhoDeys…

The ignorance of Steeler fans never ceases to amaze me.

-Jay-Z is so clever and witty in his raps. And for those of you who didn’t pick up on his covert drug reference in “Empire State of Mind”, here is the clarification of what he meant. Even if you didn’t get that (which I sure as hell did not), it’s still a good song. Alicia Keys is absolutely unbelievably talented.

-I have watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince twice since I’ve been home and I watched all of the special features one night, as well. I’ve told so many people I’m watching “HP” that my predictive text on my phone now puts “HP” instead of “go.” Impressive.
I am excited for HP7, but wish they’d just do it with one movie. I don’t appreciate WB leaving me hanging like that. But wouldn’t it be wild if they changed up the ending and made it more like this…

But it would be slightly anti-climactic if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named just owned like that after spitting those freshh lyrics. And Harry’s a horcrux, so he wouldn’t have even killed him. And yes…I am a nerd.
But here’s a blast from the past. I love the Voldemort part at the end.

-Saw George Clooney’s new movie Up in the Air the other night. I thought it was freaking gold. Naturally, Clooney was amazing. Great flick. I recommend it.

This trailer is the one I prefer, though. I especially love the exchange around the 1:00 mark.

-It’s Christmas time. A lot of people love Christmas. Unfortunately I am not one of them. I expressed my feelings at the end of this post. As I went downstairs to wrap my presents for my family, I realized how environmentally unsound this holiday is when my mother made me wait to come down the steps until she hid my presents. The wrapping paper is a major waste. Just give me the gift, ya know? We could help save the environment.
But, for me, the season is salvaged because I do like the majority of the music. I especially enjoy Jason Mraz’s take on this timeless classic…

But, regardless of my feelings, I wish you and yours a Happy Christmas, Holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or whatever it is you may be celebrating. Be safe.
Chances are I will be too busy enjoying myself in Brussels and Amsterdam to post anything, so I’ll talk to you sometime after January 10. Smell ya.


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